The secret to less-intense fresh breath


Does the thought of mouthwash make your lips tremble and your sensitive teeth cower in fear? Does your current mouthwash resemble something a barman might pour you on a Saturday night? 

If you answered yes for either of those, then your mouthwash is too intense, and you definitely need a gentler breath-freshening solution in your life.

Luckily, Listerine Zero has arrived, and it ticks all of the boxes being alcohol-free while still delivering all of the germ-killing, plaque-fighting qualities of your regular mouthwash. Don’t believe me? Check out what the Trial Team had to say…

“The smooth mint flavour is nice and lingers for a long time after rinsing too. My mouth is left feeling fresh and clean, definitely worth a try if you don’t like the traditional mouthwashes!!” Rating: 5/5 – MissChriss

“I use to dread using mouthwash. I hate that hot, burning sensation that would make your eyes water and mouth sting. So I just didn’t use it. But then Beautyheaven sent me a bottle of Listerine Zero to trial. I now have a twice-daily mouthwash habit. And I couldn’t be happier…nor could my dentist!” Rating: 5/5 – ZoutLiquorice

“You can tell instantly from the lightly tinted colour of the mouthwash that there is something different inside the bottle, and you’re not wrong. It essentially tastes like standard Listerine products, minty and fresh however where I notice the biggest difference is afterwards, Listerine Zero still leaves you mouth feeling fresh and clean however doesn’t leave that real choking vapour in your throat. So what’s not to love when the product does exactly what you expect from the trusted Listerine brand however without all the bad side effects? That’s right… Nothing.” Rating: 5/5 – Jacq

“I love much about this product, apart from been alcohol free, it also doesn’t make you want to gag like most. It is somewhat strong although not as strong as it’s cousins…. The minty flavour leaves a pleasant and warm after taste highly recommend!” Rating: 5/5 – Pusstiss

Do you enjoy using mouthwashes? What do you think is most important when it comes to your oral hygiene?

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