The scrub of your life – page 7

The scrub of your life – page 7

As we officially step into autumn, we want to be doing so in style.And preferably with silky-smooth legs. So we’ve road-tested some of thebest exfoliants out there and tested a couple of newbies to give youthe lowdown on how they scrub up.

Venustus Tahitian Organic Body Polish

Autumn, what’s that? You’ll forget all about the colder months when you use Venustus Tahitian Organic Body Polish, a bright turquoise body scrub that instantly conjures up images of the beach. The name says it all really – after using this scrub I felt like I’d just returned from a long holiday in Tahiti (unfortunately not true!). It smells absolutely divine – a mix of exotic oils and the deep blue sea. It is a dry scrub – that is, you use it without water at first – but this makes for a better exfoliation, as you wash off any dead skin cells afterwards.  Due to the added moisturising ingredients such as shea butter, macadamia oil and jojoba oil, I swear my skin was actually glowing after use. And with 95 per cent organic ingredients, you can use it with a conscience and still look great at the same time, no summer holiday required!-  – Kate bd Content Producer 

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