Fancy fingers

Fancy fingers

Nail art: two words guaranteed to evoke a reaction (be it running to the hills or a finally, where have you been yelp of joy). I just can’t decide which camp I’m in yet.

I mean I know it must be cool – Beyonce/Sasha Fierce rocked the hound’s-tooth look in the December issue of GQ Germany; Miss Von Teese oft sports the retro (upside down) mani in stylish red and silver; Fergie was clearly stumped between black and gold (perhaps she got inspiration from Jasmine de Milo’s autumn/winter 08 look – pictured) so went for both and the fashionistas have been doing it for years, but me? Well, I’m just not so sure.

It’s not that I’m anti – far from it, back in the day I seemed to have a constant need to out-do my outlandish nails – the highlight was a lilac and lemon chequered look. Cool.

But I wonder if nail art should stick to being the sole domain/rite of passage experimentation of 11-year-olds? Or should we hop on the bandwagon and steal the sophisticated nail fashion trend right back? Ponderings, ponderings.

Jan Arnold, co-founder and style director of CND Creative Nail Design says we should use nails as “the punctuation mark to complete a fashion statement.” It’s little wonder then that she’s psyched about the “watercolour nail” – you dot blobs of say two or three polishes in a dish of warm water, swirl it with a toothpick and dip in. Go on, I dare you.

Please note that I do not actually dare you and if you do undertake the new watercolour nail trend (it is a work of art after all) don’t come running to me moaning about the mess!

Nail art – a big yes or a big no, no?

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