The Body Shop Body Yogurt

The Body Shop Body Yogurt


Twenty females aged 18 – 35 who were concerned about dry skin.The triallers were instructed to use the product whenever they wanted to replenish moisture in the skin. They were advised to use the products on all areas of the body, avoiding the face, immediately after showering on damp skin, or any time throughout the day.



of members liked the texture of The Body Shop Body Yogurt.


of members enjoyed using The Body Shop Body Yogurt.


of members found their skin felt more hydrated after using The Body Shop Body Yogurt.


of members were happy with the results of The Body Shop Body Yogurt.

beautyheaven says…

, The Body Shop Body Yogurt is the new range of The Body Shop’s lightweight body moisturisers. The body yogurts are 100 per cent vegan, fast absorbing and come in five amazing flavours. Most triallers found The Body Shop Body Yogurt to be fast absorbing and lightweight. The majority of triallers also found that the product effectively hydrated their skin. Most triallers enjoyed the scent of the product and appreciated that it was 100 per cent vegan. The majority of triallers were interested in trying more flavours from the range after the completion of the trial. *Based on a survey of 20 beautyheaven Trial Team members. The products for this Trial Team have been provided by The Body Shop for the purpose of trial and review. All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the beautyheaven members participating in this trial.

You say:

love love!

e the Body Shop and my absolute favourite scent from them is strawberry. I have the hand cream, shower gel, moisturiser, body mist, etc etc. from them so I was suuuuper pleased when the strawberry body yogurt turned up at my door! I love the scent of this product, obviously. It has a bit more of a ‘creamier’ scent than the rest of my strawberry products, almost like an actual strawberry yogurt. The texture is strange (but in a good way!), it looks very thick but I found that it’s quite thin – almost like a gel. It spreads out easily and a little goes a long way so you know that you’re not going to have to buy a new tub each week. It also absorbs very quickly (this morning I put jeans on about 20 seconds after applying the body yogurt and my legs don’t feel greasy at all!). As for the moisturising aspect of the body yogurt, I find it to be great. My skin feels soft and smooth and it has help considerably with my dry (somewhat flaky – sorry!) legs. Overall, I definitely recommend this product. I will be repurchasing in the near future.…read more reviews here

ngly Smelly Hydrated Skin

ody Shop Body Yogurt couldn’t have come at a better time. In winter my skin becomes super dry because of the cold weather, so I was really excited to try this product. My first impressions of the body yogurt was that it was absolutely amazing. The body yogurt is easily absorbed into your skin and does not leave a sticky feeling on your skin once applied. It roughly takes 15 seconds for the body yogurt to fully absorb into your skin. The body yogurt formula is lightweight, you have to second guess whether you have it on or not. I tried the British Rose Body Yogurt, which had the most amazing-smelling perfume smell. Once I applied it to my body, it was hard not to keep smelling yourself. I even got compliments on how good I smelt, which was an added bonus. I love the fact that the body yogurt has 48 hours hydration. To use the body yogurt after showering, I applied the yogurt to damp skin which has a tendency of getting dry easily. My problem areas were my knees and elbows which always looked white, due to it being that dry. Since using the body yogurt, no more white knees or elbows which I am really happy about. Definitely recommend this product for anyone wanting a fast absorbing, non-sticky moisturizer that smells amazing and keeps your skin hydrated. I can’t wait to try the other five scents of the Body Yogurt the Body Shop has to offer.…read more reviews here

and smooth skin instantly!

ody Shop Body Yogurt is one of the newest, 100% vegan range of products that has been released from The Body Shop. This moisturizer (yogurt) is super lightweight and sunk into my skin in a matter of seconds! As recommended, I tried it out straight out of the shower, and felt that to be the best way to apply it. My skin became soft instantly and stayed that way for nearly two days, which is perfect incase you forget to use it daily. Its texture was sort of a nice goopy moisturizer, like a jelly combined with a mousse, combined with a body lotion. It feels extremely silky smooth on the skin, sinks right in, and does not leave back any greasy residue after application. The scent of the Almond Milk Yogurt was extremely pleasant, mild, and leaves a soft scent that lingers behind like a gentle perfume. All in all, this is a champion product, I am keen to try out the other scents and would recommend this highly to anyone that wants an easy to use product that smells great. It’s a great price point and amazing value for money because a little goes a long way!…read more reviews here

, hydrating, and absorbs quickly!

came at a perfect time at the beginning of winter, where I used the product once a day after showering. It has a delicious strawberry scent, which isn’t too overpowering nor sickly sweet. The product itself is 100% vegan, and I’m happy to say very hydrating while being lightweight. It had a very smooth, light consistency, and wasn’t oily at all which I loved. I applied the product all over my legs after showering, which is the area which always seems to get dehydrated and flakes first. It absorbed into my skin within a couple of minutes and I was able to get dressed pretty quickly after. I noticed after my first application, all my dryness was gone and my legs looked super hydrated, and remained this way for days afterwards. All in all, a very easy product to use for instant hydration which will last you days.…read more reviews here

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