Australia’s top beauty brand, revealed

Australia’s top beauty brand, revealed

Last week, beauty comparison platform Cosmetify released their quarterly Cosmetify Index. The report, which ranks brands in popularity based on engagement, following, traffic and search, has revealed The Body Shop as Australia’s favourite beauty brand of 2019!

With annual revenue of $US1.4 billion and on-going dedication to ethical practices across human rights, animal testing, and environmental impact, The Body Shop has nabbed the top spot, above other beloved brands such as MAC, Bondi Boost, and Estee Lauder.

And based on our member reviews, we’re not really surprised… Here, we’ve rounded up three of the top rated products from The Body Shop (in case you haven’t tried them yet!)

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The Body Shop For Men Maca Root Face Scrub

“Before he met me, my husband’s skincare routine was non-existent. He had oily skin; lots of blackheads; and (due to his thick, black facial hair and frequent shaving) he was prone to shaving rash and LOTS of ingrown hairs. I knew that this gentle but effective scrub would be perfect for him. Thanks to this scrub, and the rest of the Maca Root Range, his oily skin has balanced out and he very rarely gets ingrown hairs! His blackheads have cleared and he rarely gets new ones. Previously a skincare sceptic, my husband is thrilled with the results and will happily go and replace the products when they run out – I am so proud!” – MsThisnthatblog

The Body Shop Spa Of The World™ Hawaiian Kukui Cream

“I love any scent that makes me think of Hawaii. When I first tried this cream on my hands in store I couldn’t stop sniffing them. I kept thinking about buying this cream for ages afterwards until I finally did. It is well worth the price. The scent is divine, pleasant and floral but not overpowering. The cream itself is thick, but easy to apply and absorbs nicely. The tub, while pricey contains a lot of product which goes a long way and will last ages. I love a lot of the products in the spa of the world range and want to try them all.” – angie_robyn

The Body Shop Body Yogurt

“I quite like the formula of The Body Shop’s new yoghurts. They are more like a gel than a cream, and feel quite cool to first apply which is quite nice in the summertime, but not so much when it’s cold so I prefer to use a butter. The yoghurt feels somewhat wet when first applied, but in a few minutes it’s mostly absorbed. I personally think there is a very faint residue (but not greasy) left behind, but this doesn’t bother me and it also means the fragrance lingers lightly. I love how light the yoghurts are and can’t wait to try a different scent.” – danalorraine97

Which product from The Body Shop is your favourite? Main image via @theoriginalflatlayco

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