The body facial

The body facial

I’ve been reading all kinds of disturbing things of late. Like the fanny facial. But I won’t pollute your mind with thoughts of that so early on a Monday morning. Instead, I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if we gave our bodies a facial? We spend all this time harping on about our face that I feel our body can start to feel a little neglected.

So, nab yourself some of these high-tech body products and reveal a brighter, better you.

La Mer The Body Serum
This revolutionary elixir targets discolorations, blotchiness, spider veins and age spots. It combines Deconstructed Waters™ with re-mineralising algae extracts and selected botanicals to stimulate the delivery of vital hydrating and clarity-correcting substances to the skin. With continued use it reduces the appearance of discolorations and restores a youthful smoothness and suppleness.

Clinique Turnaround Body Smoothing Cream
This soft, silky cream spreads effortlessly over the body to deliver advanced exfoliation, leave skin hydrated and prompt a continuous multi-level, time-released renewal process. The result? Instant silkier, more refined skin.

Sensé Firming Body Nourisher
The exclusive age-defying hydroxy complex sweeps away flakiness and dry patches, while a clinically proven firming complex conditions and energises the skin. The formula combines pure plant extracts with luxurious shea butter, echinacea, and isoflavone-rich soy protein.

ARTISTRY Body Toning Gel
This treatment improves the appearance of the overall body, toning hips, thighs, buttocks and waist (music to our ears). The non-oily liquid gel spreads easily and dries quickly for fast absorption.

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