The best nail trends to wear for Spring 2018


Spring is the perfect time to freshen up your beauty look. And there’s no better place to start than by trying out some new-season Spring nail trends. Whether you prefer a subtle nude nail look, or totally out-there bedazzled claws, this season there’s a look for every taste. So, to get the inside scoop on what’s hot and what’s definitely not for Spring 2018, we spoke to nail expert and owner of Parramatta based nail art boutique, Nailed By LaRouge, Lauren LaRouge.

Read on for the latest Spring nail trends, the best celebrities to look to for nail inspo, and which nail art trends look good on Instagram – but are an epic fail in real life.

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What nail trends will be big for Spring 2018?

“I feel like colour is big at the moment – even throughout winter I was pleasantly surprised that people were shying away from the traditional darker /richer colour palette for a range of brighter colours,” says Lauren. So, expect to see lots of fluro this season, including a twist on the classic ombré nail trend. “Ombré is always popular in spring with a lot of brides and formal girls who usually love a nude to white ombré – but as I’m predicting with this continuing rise in colour, I see fluro ombré coming onto the scene even more. And bling is always in of course!”

What are your least favourite nail trends?

Instagram has been an incredible tool for the beauty industry to tantalise beauty addicts with the latest trends, but think twice before you try out that crazy nail art you see next time you’re scrolling. Lauren warns that although these trends might look fabulous on Instagram, nail trends like aquarium or snow globe nails can be dangerous. “I would never do it on a client as inserting stagnant water inside the acrylics is just an accident /infection waiting to happen if they crack the acrylics in any way.” And consider yourself lucky that you didn’t jump on the hairy nail trend bandwagon, because they hairy nails are impossible to wash. “Recently, I’m a little frustrated by the gummy (clear) nail trend as whilst it looks cool in a photo, if you get a speck of food, dust, hair, makeup, or anything under the nail it just looks gross,” says Lauren. “Also, when your natural nails start to grow out it looks pretty nasty so I caution against it.”

Are there any old trends that you see making a comeback?

Remember when Kim Kardashian wore pierced acrylic nails? Well, get ready to see more digits with piercings. “I’ve ordered a piercing tip already after seeing some dope photos online and having a few clients joke about it – but I can see it happening again for real. Modified a little I’m sure, but I think it could be a lot of fun and less painful than a traditional piercing!”

What is the most popular nail trend that your clients ask for at Nailed by LaRouge?

“Bling baby! Rhinestones, glitter and everything that shines. I guess because I am OBSESSED with shiny things, like minded people seek me out.”

Which celebrities are the best to follow for nail inspiration?

As if we needed more reasons to follow Cardi B, Lauren says that the star is one to watch for some serious nail inspo. “Cardi B is my celebrity nail crush because she has brought the idea of extreme bling to the masses,” explains Lauren. “I have been rocking out rhinestone nails for years – however, it was always seen as a little “crazy” until Cardi B become a superstar and now everyone’s feeling the fantasy! I love it! She’s always happy to do something crazy and fun.”

For more information about Lauren or her nail art boutique, Nailed By LaRouge, click here. Want more nail inspiration in your life? Follow Lauren on her Instagram @NailedByLaRouge

What’s your favourite nail trend? And what nail trend do you dislike the most?

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