6 of the best body scrubs for dry skin


The best way to welcome a new season is to shed yourself of all unwanted negativity that might be weighing you down. The biggest culprit? All that pore-clogging, built-up dead skin.

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And no matter how frequently you moisturise, unless you’re exfoliating on the regular, dry skin is inevitable. More importantly, without clearing out the surface level of dead skin build-up, your body oils and moisturisers won’t be able to penetrate the skin and do their job. 

However, over-exfoliation is a path you don’t want to go down. So to avoid irritating your skin with harsh body scrubs, we’ve put together our favourite gentle yet effective formulas. 

Natio Wellness Body Scrub

We say: Earning a 5 star rating from over 40 expert bh reviewers, it’s hard to deny Natio’s apricot seed and pomegranate-infused scrub a spot in your shower. Lather on to wet skin, rinse and enjoy soft, smooth skin.

You say: “The scrub feels quite gentle, but is abrasive enough to use on elbows and knees effectively. I really like this product and use it often, I have repurchased often and will continue to do so.” – Sally 10

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Sukin Naturals Energising Body Scrub – Coconut and Coffee

We say: Who said you couldn’t take your coffee with you into the shower? Sukin Natural’s ultra-hydrating body scrub buffs away all dead skin cells leaving behind plump, glowing skin.

You say: “My skin absolutely loved me for using this scrub. It smells like coffee with a hint of coconut. The texture is like a creamy thick exfoliant.” – BiancaDaily 

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Garnier Body Beauty Oil Scrub

We say: Argan, almond, macadamia and rose oil – name a more nourishing combination, we dare you. This gentle yet effective exfoliator will buff and polish the skin while the oils melt into dry, flakey limbs. Did somebody say butter-soft skin?

You say: “I love this body scrub, it actually gets rid of dead skin and afterwards, my skin feels soft and revitalised. I also like to use it before shaving as it helps with any little, ingrown hairs.” – rankinbr

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L’OCCITANE Almond Shower Scrub

We say: The crème de la crème of body scrubs, L’OCCITANE’s formula is the secret to deeply clean and hydrated skin year-round. 

You say: “I have very sensitive skin sand this is not irritating in anyway. It has the same beautiful light sweet almond scent the other Lóccitane almond products have.” – slim

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Trilogy Exfoliating Body Balm

We say: Refine the skin’s texture without compromising your natural barrier function. Plus, Trilogy’s ocean-safe formula offers an alternative to plastic microbeads found in competitor products. 

You say: “No joke – I would be devastated if this product was ever discontinued. I used coffee scrubs in the past but was concerned with the long-term clogging of my drains so I went in search for an alternative and stumbled upon this holy grail.” – Ethelinde

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The Body Shop Strawberry Softening Body Polish

We say: If you’re a sucker for anything fruity, you need this delicious strawberry scent in your body care routine. Gentle enough for daily use, The Body Shop’s in-shower scrub instantly leaves the skin brighter.

You say: “I love how soft my skin feels after use. I have tried other fragrances as well in the past few years but the strawberry one is my favourite in The Body Shop’s body polish and I keep repurchasing it.” – neha.gamine 

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Main image credit: Getty Have you tried any of these body scrubs? Which is your favourite?

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  1. Should be scrubbing, but I do dry body brushing.with the beaut Bodecare Body Brush. I used Sukin Coffee Face Exfoliator on my body as didn't suit (lots of face exfoilators end up this way – darn that sensitive skin!) Salivating over the pictures of the Natio and L'Occitane scrubs.

  2. I love the Natio one, in normal times there is usually a warehouse sale where I can get it for $5! I’m currently using a Body Shop banana one that I think isn’t available anymore or maybe just not here.

  3. I have used the body shop strawberry body scrub had purchased it with the body wash and loofah in a travel pack when I went into hospital to have my daughter. It was lovely 🙂

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