What do Susan and Kylie have in common?

What do Susan and Kylie have in common?

A dazzling voice, evident charm, but not a whole lot else, until now! I’m oh so glad to report that they both have an equal penchant for pretty polish. 

Yep, you heard right, Kylie and Susan, the furthest thing from two peas in a pod, have been brought together by the brilliance of Bio Sculpture.

Bio Sculpture’s neat little nail gels, which claim to be chip-proof for up to four weeks, are quick and easy and thus saving you much time and eliminating the need for fiddling with toe separators and messing with gluggy brushes. The gels are also non-toxic and dry instantly.

So what do Bio Sculpture gels have to do with Susan Boyle and Kylie Minogue? Both the singing starlets sport the gels on their famous fingertips. The smudge and fade-proof polish is perfect for when Kylie and Susan shimmy on to the stage for their close-ups. Yep, we can just picture them backstage now, talking all things girly and sharing application tips over a double mocha frappuccino (or is it a whisky?)

Okay maybe not, but at least they both recognise that chipped nail varnish on (or off) camera is about the biggest offence according to beauty law. (By law we do mean the unwritten law of beautyheaven – chipped polish is frowned upon big time!)

What do you think is the biggest beauty sin?

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