Sunbeam Body Shimmer Home Tanning Kit

Sunbeam Body Shimmer Home Tanning Kit

The tanorexics in beautyheaven simply couldn’t contemplate a summer without the Sunbeam Body Shimmer Home Tanning Kit. We’re all hooked on getting a glamorous been-in-St Barts tan in less time than it takes to schedule a session at our local salon.

Mostly because it’s so easy! The kit comprises everything you need to do a perfectly professional job at home – including before and after care, a nose peg, goggles and cap  – and the spray gun itself takes mere seconds to assemble. You don’t have to be an expert – it’s just charge, load and…

Shoot! Simply set the spray flow to fit your skill (start off slow and steady on 1 or speed up to 2 if you’re experienced) and sweep it over your skin in long, fluid movements. The mist glistens just enough so you can see where you’ve covered and is so super fine it defies telltale tidemarks and streaks for a natural, convincing colour. It’s best to recruit a friend to do your back, but a full body tan can take as little as 15 minutes. A few hours later you’ll be wearing a golden glow that lasts weeks!

The system comes with enough professional-quality, Swiss-made tanning liquid for four top ups, which you can then replace with more Sunbeam solution (for $29.95 a pop) or any other brand of liquid bronzer you like. And did we mention the whole Sunbeam Body Shimmer Home Tanning Kit, containing an exfoliant, moisturiser, tanning solution, spray gun and all the accessories, is just $99.95? Talk about a summer saviour for those purse strings.

So hello sexy, golden summer. And goodbye spending so much of it in the salon!

The Sunbeam Body Shimmer Home Tanning Kit ($99.95) is available from electrical retailers and department stores nationally.Contact 1300 881 861 for your closest stockist.
Just how easy is it to master the DIY spray tan? Get the step-by-step report on Bh’s first try with the Sunbeam Body Shimmer Home Tanning Kit. 

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