Six of the best: summer essentials

Six of the best: summer essentials

Winter has been and gone beauties, it’s time to embrace the warmth and face the fact that it’s getting hot, hot, hot.
There’s no room for scaly pins and chapped lips on the beaches, so you’d do well to invest in some winter erasers to ensure that any signs of blizzardy body bashing are long gone.
Here are our saviours that will get you excited for a long, hot summer – reviewed by you.

California Tan After Glow Spray

“This is a great product, and is nothing like anything I’ve come across before – (and I’m a bit of a fake tan fanatic!) I applied my fake tan in the morning as per usual, went about my day letting it develop, got home, jumped in the shower and gave myself an all over spritz of this before heading out… It acted just like a normal lotion locking in the moisture and leaving my skin baby bum soft while smelling beautifully light and fresh, but wait for it – here is the best bit… my colour did actually appear to brighten up again as if it had just been applied! It gave me a gorgeous glow, slightly shimmery, which made me feel like I’d just stepped off a plane from somewhere really exotic!
I will definitely be using this again – a summer must!” Rating: 5/5 – Skonhet

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