Spray-on nail polish is a thing


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Nails Inc. broke the internet last year with ‘NailKale’, but now they’ve gone one better with an innovation we never thought possible: Spray-on nail polish.

The first of its kind, Paint Can nail polish is set to become the clumsy girl’s ultimate beauty weapon – giving a flawless mani, minus the uneven coat and smudges. 

*Cue happy dance for those of us with not-so-steady hands.*

So, how does this magical formula work?

Well, first you’ll need to apply your base coat the old-fashioned way (aka brush and bottle).

Then comes the fun part: To ensure an even finish, you have to coat your fingers with the stuff (preferably in the backyard or over a sink). 

Once it’s dried, the spray on your skin can be easily washed away with warm water – but don’t worry, your nails are safe as the spray sticks to the aforementioned base coat, as you can see in this video:

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The formula is designed to completely cut down drying time, setting in as little as 20 seconds, so you can spritz away and pretty much head straight out the door.

The best part? It’s pretty much impossible to smudge this bad boy, which means we can kiss most of our DIY and nail salon struggles goodbye. 

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Now to the essential question: “Where can I get this miracle product?”

The polish sold out in the UK when it was first released, but now you can get it from stylepatisserie.com for $25. A small price to pay, considering it’s probably the fastest manicure you’ll ever create!

Would you try spray-on nail polish? What are your biggest struggles when applying nail polish? 

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