Six of the best: tan-tastic buys – page 2

Six of the best: tan-tastic buys – page 2

If Oompa Lompa orange isn’t quite the hue you’re hunting for, you’d surely benefit from a recommendation or two from both the bh beauties and our trusty members who have put many a self-tan through its paces.


h, p.s. We’re giving away two of every tanner featured. All you have to do is tell us your biggest tanning mishap and why you want to win this product! (Note: the more faux glow gaffes you reveal, the more chance you have of winning!)

Dr. LeWinn’s Sunless Self Tanning Lotion

“I hadn’t used a self tan product in ages when this landed on my desk to road test. A few bad experiences with orange-y colour and streaky blotches (not to mention my husband’s complaints about the smell) left me embracing my pale-ness for the last few years. But when told that Jen Hawkins used Dr. LeWinn’s for the Miss Universe contest, I had visions of losing five kilos, being golden bronzed and gorgeous.
The formulation has a lovely tropical, vanilla laced scent that fades after a few hours with only the slightest hint of the fake tan smell. I took the time to prep with a good scrub of the elbows, ankles and knees, and a little moisturiser underneath and have achieved really even colour without blotches and streaks. My only criticism is that the hole in the tube is a little too small and a bit of a pain to get enough to squirt out – though I’m told Dr. LeWinn’s is all over this and new packaging will be hitting the shelves soon!
Okay, so I’m not ready for Miss Universe, but I’ve got a lovely golden glow and really smooth, moisturised skin.” Rating: 5/5 – bh’s Laina

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