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Let’s face it, yellow chompers are not a great look. Pearly, luminescent teeth are your ticket to a bright, white celebrity-style smile, while stained, discoloured teeth give the impression of poor dental hygiene – and you don’t want that!

But how can we achieve dentist-quality whitening at home? Well, we’ve scoured the glossy globe to bring you six of the best bite whiteners to deliver the beautiful smile you deserve…


“I have been using this product for around a month and a half – as I don’t find brushing gives me the lasting freshness I crave in the mornings – so mouthwash is a must! It’s an added bonus that this works to whiten teeth as well! I don’t have really stained teeth, but they could always do with being a shade or two lighter. I gargle this after brushing in the mornings and then head out the door – I’ve noticed that my teeth definitely seem brighter, and definitely did after around two weeks of use!” Rating: 4/5 – bh’sOlivia

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