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There’s something special about the Big Apple. I guess that’s why it has it’s own song dedications (thanks Frank Sinatra and, more recently, Jay-Z and Alicia Keys). There’s no denying it embodies a sense of vitality and sassiness – which is why it’s no surprise that products that hail from, or are inspired by this fantastic city are often equally as remarkable.
We took the time to gather six of the best products inspired by New York City, so that you can have a piece of this marvellous place in your very own home.


(Okay, so it may not be very Big Apple-inspired, but they are giving away a fabulous trip to New York for you and six friends – click here to find out more!)

“I had used the Teeth Defence Listerine variation for years, but switched to this recently as I was drawn by the ‘six benefits’ claim (I have lots of fillings, so am obsessed with not getting anymore). I like this product much better, and won’t be switching back – it’s definitely a better formulation. And I know it sounds silly, but it the purple colour looks better on my bathroom vanity :)” Rating: 5/5 – narbs

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