Everything you need to know about shaving your face

Everything you need to know about shaving your face

Face shaving. It’s a thing guys have been doing since forever to stay groomed but let’s face it, women grow facial hair too. And since there’s nothing wrong with a good ‘tash or brow wax, what’s the big deal if a woman just shaves it instead?

Well, you might not believe it, but make-up artists and beauty bloggers have been using this face-smoothing technique for years (yes, really!), and now it’s high time you jumped on the bandwagon, too.

But before you make a hasty beeline for the bathroom and go to town on your face with your trusty razor, get the lowdown from bh’s Vanessa on why she’s a fan of freeing the fuzz and the techniques she uses to get the best results. Plus, we bust some myths and misconceptions about hair removal that might be standing in between you and your tool – like the one that states your hair will grow back thicker and darker if you shave (for the record: not true).


This is probably the first thought to run through your head, but if a little peach fuzz or an untamed brow concerns you, then you’re a good candidate – especially if you find waxing painful or inconvenient. Think about all those areas that could use some pruning – brows, upper lip, that mysterious fuzz along the jawline. Now imagine you could take care of them as easily as you do the hair on your legs or under your arms. The good news is the Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler is designed exactly for this purpose. It has dedicated accessories specially tailored for precise shaping and styling, and is a great option for touch-ups on the go. The two-sided face trimming attachment can get right into those tight areas such as above and below the brows, with two options of 16mm and 6mm for optimal shaping. The second of the face attachments is a two-sided comb that has a 2mm and 4mm side to use on your brows to help give them a uniform, polished finish.


Unlike regular shaving, no creams, gels or foams are required. In fact, you use it on dry skin only. To trim the facial hair in question, attach the desired trimmer head, turn on the device and apply lightly to the skin, moving the trimmer against the direction of hair growth. It trims the hair down to 0.5mm, leaving the skin looking smooth, and allowing for precise sculpting of your brows.


This will differ from person to person, depending on the rate of your hair growth, but bh’s Vanessa has a fortnightly routine. “I have dark hair and fair skin, so I’m conscious of hair growth all over – not just on my face! I shave my legs and underarms every two to three days, but the hair on my face isn’t as coarse or dark so I don’t have to trim this as regularly. The Beauty Styler is so compact that I can keep it in my handbag, so if I catch myself at work on a last-minute dinner date, I can quickly trim away any baby hairs that appear at the eleventh hour so my face looks super soft and smooth.”


Much like shaving your legs, regrowth is different for everyone, but rest assured you won’t be caught sporting a five o’clock shadow. “I haven’t even noticed regrowth,” says bh’s Vanessa. “But even if I did, it’s so easy to fix quickly with the Beauty Styler anyway!”


The short answer is no. Thanks to its clever design, the cutting blades on the Beauty Styler don’t actually touch the skin but instead trim the hair down to 0.5mm, so there is no fear of being cut.

(L – R: 2-sided face trimming head, face comb attachment, body trimming head, body comb attachment)


Remember how we said make-up artists are in favour of banishing facial fuzz? That’s because in addition to removing those baby hairs, having a smoother surface to your skin helps products to absorb more effectively, and your make-up to glide on flawlessly. “It really makes a difference,” says bh’s Vanessa. “I didn’t realise how much the peach fuzz on my cheeks was affecting the overall look of my make-up, but after using the Beauty Styler, my make-up looks so much better!”

Do you shave your face, or are you thinking about trying it?

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