4 time-saving beauty tricks

4 time-saving beauty tricks

Even if you’re the most beauty-obsessed person in the world, we’re sure there are days when all you need is to be out the door as quickly as possible – all the while looking amazing, of course.

In the video above, bh’s Deb shares her tips for getting ready quickly, so you’ll never be late again. If you’d prefer to read all about it, you can also check out her speedy secrets below.

Ready, set, GO!

Tip #1 Use the same product on your cheeks and eyes

Why spend the time using a blush and eyeshadow when you can use a multi-purpose product for both? When Deb’s in a rush, she uses a peach tint on both her eyes and cheeks for a natural-looking finish.

Tip #2 Use tinted balm instead of lipstick

Using a balm will still give you that hint of colour, but you don’t need to worry about being so precise when applying it. Just swipe and go!

Tip #3 Use an all-in-one razor

The Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment razor is a lifesaver! It lathers, shaves and moisturises in one step – you just need to add water – no shave gel needed. With visible ribbons of moisture, the solid soapy bit surrounding the razor moisturises the skin as you shave, while the flexibility of the four-blade pivoting head means the razor can glide over the natural curves of your legs and body. It gives a close shave and is easy to use around the knees and ankles. Winner!

Tip #4 Dip wet nails in ice water

Smudged nails is every beauties worst nightmare, so once you’re done painting, quickly dunk your hands in a bowl of ice water to help them dry quicker.

How long do you spend getting ready in the morning? What’s your best tip for speeding up your beauty routine?

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