Sally Hansen’s Virtual Try-On Tool Means Shade Regret Is A Thing Of The Past

Sally Hansen’s Virtual Try-On Tool Means Shade Regret Is A Thing Of The Past

If you’re anything like us, you would’ve felt the sting as many gelato stores put up their “NO TASTE TESTS” signage following pandemic-related regulations. But, despite our initial concerns that the “try before you buy” way of life was a thing of the past, the beauty industry seems to be single-handedly reviving it. Thanks to new virtual try-on technologies, consumers are now able to test out anything from Botox to nail polish shades.

So unless you’re Steve Jobs and are content with wearing the same thing every day (nude polish lovers, we’re looking at you), Sally Hansen’s try-on nail polish technology is expected to be a big hit with the experimental and a major relief for the indecisive. “Nail polish is a highly impulsive category, consumers love to experiment with any number of shades and finishes. Now, Sally Hansen fans can feel free to play even more,” said Jean-Denis Mariani, the chief digital officer at Coty.

If this experience is sounding familiar, you’re not hallucinating; Sally Hansen first released this technology via a Snapchat filter a few years ago. And thanks to its past success and the brand’s recent partnership with Perfect Corp, it has now received its own solo career. As of last week, U.S customers can now try on hundreds of polish shades across the Insta-Dri, Colour Therapy and Miracle Gel ranges just by opening the site on their phone. 

To narrow it even further, you’ll even have the option of choosing the type of finish, as well as the benefit of each different polish. From there, you’ll be able to see your hand waving around in real-time as you assess whether that neon yellow shade is working wonders for you, or whether it’s one to skip.

When can we expect to give this a whirl in Aus? Hopefully any day now as Sally Hansen’s site has confirmed, “other markets will follow” after its initial launch in the U.S.

Main image credit: @sally_hansen

What do you think about this offering? Are you indecisive when it comes to selecting your nail polish shade?

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  1. I need this app. I spend so much time researching colours of nail polish before purchase. Still really hard to nail the exact colour when I eventually buy the polish that is still slightly different to what is pictured online.

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