How-to: glitter nails with a twist


Not too long ago, we challenged you to recreate our gorgeous, metallic Aztec nail look. And recreate you did. In wonderful, inspiring and creative ways.

From our shortlist, we then asked you to vote for your favourites. Here, we present you with the first winner – Trudz and her shimmery silver and purple geometric design. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Congratulations Trudz! You’ll soon be receiving a complete Sally Hansen Lustre Nail Polish pack – so the world will be your oyster when it comes to nail art.

As promised, we’ve got Trudz’s step-by-step guide on how you can achieve this look yourself:

Step 1: Select your colours. I am a sucker for the combination of purple and silver.
Step 2: Prepare your nails by applying a clear base coat.
Step 3: Apply your first chosen colour all over your nails. Wait for this to dry.
Step 4: Place strips of sticky tape diagonally over the nails, leaving a triangle shape area uncovered. The direction and crossover point of the sticky tape means you can control the size and angle of your triangle.  Quick tip: If the tape is too sticky you risk pulling off you base colour, you can reduce the stickiness by sticking it on and off your arm a few times.
Step 5: Apply your second chosen colour over your nails, making sure this covers all the edges of the triangle.
Step 6: Wait a few minutes and slowly remove the layers of tape. It is important that this is done with care to avoid pulling off and smudging any of your polish.
Step 7: Clean up your edges and apply your favourite quick dry topcoat all over your nails.
Step 8: Sit back and admire your work.

Too easy, right?

Love this how-to? We’ll be announcing the other winners and revealing their step-by-step how-tos later in the week so stay tuned.

Would you recreate this look? Which two colours would you use for this look?

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