Diary of damaged nails

Diary of damaged nails

There are many things that can cause nail damage and it can appear differently from person to person, which is what makes the idea of an all-in-one product like Sally Hansen Complete Care 7-in-1 Nail Treatment appealing to so many people.

It’s formulated to deliver seven different benefits to the nail (it’s a base coat, top coat, ridge-filler, strengthener and brightener, while moisturising and promoting nail growth), making it ideal for restoring and maintaining optimum nail health.

But as with all products, actions speak louder than words. So three beautyheaven team members, all sporting different kinds of nail damage, road-test the treatment to see how it measured up and if it really could make a difference in just three days.

The bh testers:

Anna – Anna frequently has gel manicures and sometimes (naughtily) picks off the long-lasting polish rather than having it removed, which left her nails dry, cracked and dull.

Skye – Skye loves changing up her mani colour every chance she gets, but often runs out of time to give her nails a proper buff and is forgetful when it comes to using a cuticle oil, which led to weak nails with noticeable ridges.

Marie – Before starting her road-test, Marie was concerned about the splitting on her nails. She noticed they were always splitting at the ends, making it hard for them to grow long and strong.

First impressions:

Anna says…

“It gave my nails a nice shine and immediately improved the look of the dry, cracked damage left from my gel mani. The product dried really quickly which was great because I could get on with my day without worrying about it transferring.“

Skye says…

“It was easy to apply and quick-drying. It also gave my nails an instant shine, making them appear healthier straight away.”

Marie says…

“When I first applied the Sally Hansen treatment, I noticed it made my nails so shiny. It also dried really quickly, which meant I didn’t have to be overly careful for an hour after application.”

Final thoughts:

Anna says…

“The unattractive white cracks at the tops of my nails were reduced and my nail bases looked and felt stronger. The gel manicure damage had not been completely fixed, but was significantly improved so I was really happy! There was a definite and impressive change for the better. I will continue using this product between nail salon visits to ensure my nails stay nourished and strong, plus I can use it as a top and base coat when I do DIY manis – it’s a great all-in-one!

Skye says…

“Throughout the road-test I could feel and see the polish giving my nails extra support. By the end I had stronger, longer nails and my ridges were much less visible. I’m really happy with the product and would recommend this to friends. I love the fact that you can use it with colour as a base and top coat, making it a fuss-free way to have continuously healthy nails.”

Marie says..

“Within a few days I noticed my nails weren’t as flimsy as they usually are. They were stronger and looked healthier in colour. I also noticed I hadn’t had to file any splitting in my nails or cut my nails down. Even though the trial is over I’m going to continue to use the treatment as a base to protect my nails from discolouration and splitting, as well as a top coat for a long-lasting, shiny finish to my manicure.”




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