Rewards Room window shopping has begun!


It’s an exciting time beauties – the Rewards Room has opened for Window Shopping! Now you can browse through the 750+ goodies up for grabs and add the products you can’t wait to get your hands on to your wishlist. Doing so means that once the Rewards Room officially opens you’re ready to check out!  


If your unsure what the Rewards Room is and how it works click here for more info.

If you’ve never shopped the Rewards Room before this is the time to get involved! Your loyalty points have recently doubled in value – which means they will get you twice as far. That’s the same as a 50% off sale!  

Also our lucky Platinum members will receive VIP early access to shop the Rewards Room! Platinum members will be able to check out from 10am with silver and gold members getting access from 11am.

Don’t forget!
The Rewards Room will open at 11am AEST on Monday 25th June.

For more information see: FAQ’s, shopping dates and delivery or watch the video on the Rewards Room homepage. Also be sure to head to the forum and share your thoughts with other members! 

Please note: The Rewards Room is open for members with Silver status or above. To learn more about membership levels and how you can boost your points balance read more here.

Happy window shopping beauties!

bh x

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