4 steps to a party-ready mani

4 steps to a party-ready mani

You’ve got a big night ahead, be it a fancy-shmancy cocktail party, drinks with your girlfriends or a birthday bash, and chances are you’ve planned for the necessary prep work (think tan, hair, and finally perfecting that winged liner) to look absolutely flawless. 

Have you factored your nails into the equation? I get it; it seems like such a tiny step that doesn’t really make a huge difference. But it’s amazing how much a bright and vibrant coat of red can really bring your look together.

Just check out these celeb red carpet looks:

See? Not a hugely dramatic difference, but it adds extra oomph to your nighttime stule.

So here’s how you can achieve that show-stopping party-ready mani:


Whether you’ve got old polish on your nails or you’ve been sporting bare nails, it’s a good idea to give your nails a once-over with some nail polish remover. This will help a) make sure your nails are as clean as can be, and b) help get rid of any excess oils that can affect the longevity of your manicure.

Use Revitanail Conditioning Remover Wipes to gently remove any polish or dirt and give your nails a good dose of vitamin E.


Once your nails are clean and dry, apply two coats of a bold, vibrant red. We recommend Revitanail Triple Strength nail colour in Pomegranate. The bright red finish is the perfect shade for a nighttime look, plus the formula will care for the health of your nails at the same time. Oh, and it dries quickly – a huge bonus if you’re short on time.


Sometimes laziness gets in the way of actually finishing off a manicure with a topcoat, but it’s a really important step if you want your colour to last. Just one coat of Revitanail Top Coat on each nail will ensure you’ve got a glossy manicure that lasts and won’t chip before the night’s out.


None of us are perfect, so chances are you may have gotten some polish on your cuticles and skin. Instead of shrugging it off (and having your finishing touch looking a little shabby), use Revitanail Precision Corrector to tidy up your tiny messes. The pointed tip makes it incredibly easy to clean up the edges without affecting the rest of your manicure.

Do you do your nails before a night out? How many of these steps do you actually do?

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