How to remove SNS nails without totally screwing up your nails


SNS nails is the latest manicure trend sweeping salons. With long-lasting results comparable to a gel manicure, but a faster, easier and essentially fumeless application process, it’s quickly earned a reputation as a ‘healthier’ alternative to Shellac. 

But when it comes to hard-wearing polish, most of the damage is typically done during removal. So how is SNS removed? And can we safely do it ourselves at home?

Here’s everything you need to know about how to remove SNS nails….

The safest way is always in-salon

Despite all the other perks, SNS nails sadly can’t be magically removed with a mere face wipe after showering (can somebody work on that invention though?). The safest and best way to have SNS nails removed is by a professional. The Parlour Room in Clovelly  says, “we would file the product down and then soak (but not submerge) with acetone.” Do not pick or attempt to pull off your SNS nails yourself, as this will severely damage the nail plate.

Choose the right technician

Your technician is the only person who can minimise damage when it comes to removal, so it’s probably not the best time to give that two-star-rated salon in the alley behind your work a go. If possible, try to have the same technician for application and removal, as they’ll know the nail best.

Leave them soaking for long enough

If you’re thinking the removal process sounds quite similar to gels, you’re not wrong. “The  procedure to remove [SNS] is the same as the removal of gel, [the only difference being] you may have to leave them soaking for longer”, explains The Parlour Room. This is to allow the acetone to break down the glue and powder mix so it comes away easier.

Read about our first-hand experience with SNS nails and removal for more information.

Have you ever tried SNS nails? What’s your go-to mani shade?

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