Products that will help keep germs at bay

Products that will help keep germs at bay

We all know that germs are unhealthy. But did you know that they’re unhealthy because they can actually make you sick? Yep, those little bacteria attack healthy cells and infect them, taking you from bright, chirpy and on-top-of-the-world to slow, sluggish, and full of snot.

So if you want to keep that winter cold at bay, your best bet is to ensure that those germs get nowhere near your healthy cells. And these products will do just the trick to make sure that happens.

1. Palmolive Softwash Anti-Bacterial Liquid Handwash – this effective hand wash has been formulated to keep your hands fresh and clean, as well as effectively remove germs from your skin and underneath your nails. Oh, and don’t worry about your hands feeling dry – it contains a light moisturiser to keep them soft and smooth.

2. Dettol Instant Hand Sanistiser – Feeling a little grimy but there’s no sink and handwash in sight? Pffft, not a problem. Just make sure you’ve got one of these babies in your handbag. The gel will kill 99.99 per cent of germs instantly and will leave your hands feeling refreshed.

3. Natralus Instant Natural Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Spray – This wonderful concoction of chamomile and apple blossom will leave your hands smelling fabulous and free of germs. Oh, and did we mention it’s made up of 99 per cent natural ingredients?

4. Dettol Glen 20 Spray Disinfectant – Kill germs before they’ve even had a chance to get onto your skin. The effective, fast-acting spray will kill germs and viruses on hard or soft surfaces in your home. Plus, it’ll help get rid of any bad, whiffy odours that are hanging around.

Uh-oh! Did the germs get to you before you could give them a good, swift kick in the behind? We hope you feel better soon. In fact, go to bed right now, pop on a DVD of The O.C and take some Vicks Vapodrops to soothe your throat and clear your nose.

What do you do to try ward off a winter cold? Do you use anti-bacterial handwash?

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