How to treat swollen feet while pregnant


I’ve never been pregnant, but I have been on enough long-haul flights to know that swollen feet and ankles are the worst. Your feet feel (and look) like they’ve ballooned 14 million sizes and you’re left wondering, “Where are my ankles? I swear they used to be there – right in that spot between my feet and calves.”

It’s annoying, it’s frustrating, and it can be quite painful, so if you’re suffering from swollen feet and ankles during your pregnancy, here are some tips that might help ease the swelling and leave you feeling a whole lot better:

•    Try keep your legs elevated to help reduce the pressure on your feet.
•    Stretch and flex your feet when sitting.
•    Wear comfy shoes that fit properly. Comfy shoes don’t include anything with high heels or that fit your feet too tightly.
•    Avoid tight socks or stockings – you want your blood and fluids to flow freely.
•    Compression hosiery can help keep the pressure from fluids at a minimum.
•    Soak your feet in a tub of warm salt water and apply a cooling foot gel. This will help keep your feet cool and refreshed.
•    Try essential oils. Litsea cubeba and grapefruit are known for their anti-inflammatory and calming properties. Ginger can also help ease pains, aches and cramps, and can improve circulation.
•    Massaging your feet and ankles can help relieve the pressure, while reflexology can help ease the swelling and discomfort.
•    Drink lots of water – this will help rid your system of excess sodium and will help minimise swelling.
•    Avoid foods high in salt, sugar and fat and make sure your diet includes a small amount of lean protein (such as meat, poultry, eggs, beans.) Onions and garlic may help improve your circulation.

Have you ever suffered from swollen feet? What are your tips for easing swelling?

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