Do you know your skin type?

Do you know your skin type?

Everybody has different skin types and skin issues. Whether it be dryness, sensitivity or irritation, it’s important to be able to recognise your skin needs in order to choose the products that will work best for you.

Thankfully, there’s now a quick way to determine the exact products to nourish and repair all skin types. Say hello to smooth, soft and healthy looking skin from top-to-toe.

The test

A survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed almost 1 in 5 Australians claim to suffer from dry and sensitive skin. To combat this, Physiogel® Skincare developed a new range of products to nourish, hydrate and repair skin. In addition, the Physiogel® Skincare website now features an easy online test to help everyone learn more about their skin and the products that will work best for them. Three people in the beautyheaven team, all with varying skin types, took the test to discover which products they should be using.

The results

bh’s Di – Dry, irritated and sensitive

After answering the questionnaire, Di was recommended the Physiogel® Calming Relief Cream and the Physiogel® Daily Moisture Therapy Body Wash.

The Calming Relief Cream is a lipid-replenishing cream that will deliver long-lasting hydration to Di’s skin, while protecting and repairing its moisture barrier. It will calm dry, irritated skin and protect from external irritants.  It’s also comforting to know that all Physiogel® Skincare is free from fragrances, preservatives and colours. If you have atopic-prone skin (skin that suffers from eczema or dermatitis), Physiogel® Calming Relief cream is also suitable for moisturising these areas.

Di’s recommended cream is to be used in conjunction with the Physiogel®Daily Moisture Therapy Body Wash. The wash will cleanse the skin and it’s hydrating formula combats dryness, leaving skin soft and smooth. 

bh’s Kate – Dry and sensitive

Kate doesn’t experience any irritation but finds her skin to be dry and sensitive at times. After completing the test, it was recommended she use the Daily Moisture Therapy Intensive Cream, Daily Moisture Therapy Lotion and Daily Moisture Therapy Wash.

When it comes to moisturising, Kate can’t get enough, so she absolutely loves that she can get her daily dose from both the cream and lotion. The Moisture Therapy Intensive Cream is ideal for extra dry patches (like elbows and knees), while the lotion is perfect for spreading along larger areas such as the legs and arms. Both the cream and lotion hydrate skin while protecting its moisture barrier.

 Used in conjunction with the Daily Moisture Therapy Wash, Kate’s dry and sensitive skin will be treated to a hydration boost in every step of her body care routine. Best of all, her sensitive skin won’t be compromised, as these products are dermatologically-tested and free from fragrances, preservatives and colours. 

bh’s Sam – Normal

I was the lucky last to take the Physiogel® test. Although my skin is normal, I’m wary that I need to use the right products to maintain its current hydration levels and prevent dryness in the future.

Upon finishing the test, I was recommended the Physiogel® Daily Moisture Therapy Wash. The wash is soap-free, which means it won’t strip my skin from its natural moisture and is gentle enough to use it every day. It will also help to hydrate and cleanse leaving my skin feeling soft. I’m not a big fan of scented body washes, so the fact that this wash is fragrance-free is another big plus. It means I can apply my perfume without accidentally mixing scents.

Try it for yourself!

If you’re unsure of your skin type, take the Physiogel® online test for yourself. The Physiogel® range is ideal for anyone suffering from skin sensitivity, dryness or irritation and by taking the test, you’ll know which products to use to achieve soft, healthy looking skin – and boost your body confidence along the way!

Do you suffer from dryness and irritation? Have you ever tried the Physiogel products?

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