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Excessive body hair isn’t really something many people are happy putting up with, so they turn to different hair removal methods in an effort to be as fuzz-free as possible.  One method that’s become increasingly popular over the last few years is laser hair removal, which targets hair follicles so that hair growth is reduced, or in some cases, eliminated. Perfect for those who find hair removal to be a burden.

Philips recently launched its very own laser hair removal system, the Lumea IPL system, which can be used in the comfort of your own home to laser away those pesky unwanted hairs. Sounds brilliant, right?

We decided to suss out just how well the Philips Lumea IPL works by sending it out to our trusty Trial Team. Check what they had to say below…

Philips Lumea IPL hair removal system
“I have found that the hair grows back softer, finer and much more sparse than ever before. I had little to no ingrown hairs, which I would normally get a few from shaving alone. I would say looking at an area the amount of hair would have decreased by around a third.
“I am really looking forward to seeing how it all goes with the next few treatments considering it is recommended you do at least four to five treatments in the beginning.” – Flaming Beauty

“I used this on my legs, underarm and bikini area four times (two-week intervals) and I’ve noticed a dramatic reduction in hair growth. It has also eliminated the incidence of ingrown hair and shaving stubble – which is so liberating! Overall, I’ve been delighted with the results as I really don’t need to worry about defuzzing on a daily basis.” – chocolatelace

“While it hasn’t been very long to trial this product, my husband’s upper back/shoulder area (which used to resemble a shag pile rug) is definitely less hairy. The hair is lighter and less coarse, growing back at a slower rate. My legs are also less hairy and the regrowth less noticeable. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the results in a few more weeks’ time.
“The IPL is perfect for you if you want to be free of unwanted hair and wish to avoid the hefty costs of being professionally treated, in the comfort of your own home. The machine allows you to choose which level of intensity to use, making it easy and pain-free to use on sensitive skin and body areas.” – Jsomara

“Once charged, the wand is free of cords and so easy to move around the different positions you need for the areas you’re treating. Whilst it is quite a bit heavier than a razor, it isn’t terribly heavy, however if you we’re doing a large area, your arm, wrist and hand may tire a bit and need a break. The wand is shaped almost like a mini hair dryer and fits quite well in my average sized hand.” – Hmad

“On my leg, underarms and belly, I felt nothing unless there was a bit of stubble. My pubic area is another thing altogether. On the flatter areas where the skin can be pulled tight, I felt minimal sensation, something like being flicked lightly with a rubber band. On my most delicate bits which are a lot softer and fleshier, it felt like hot wire being pressed quickly against my skin. It’s very unpleasant but quick, and I’m happy to put up with it for the amazing results. For anyone who currently has Brazilian waxes, I would definitely recommend IPL due to the superior results.” – Frannybee

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