Reviews of Philips Lumea Prestige IPL At Home Hair Removal Device

Reviews of Philips Lumea Prestige IPL At Home Hair Removal Device

There’s no getting around it: hair-removal season is definitely upon us. Whether you’re looking to swap tights for bare legs or you’re prepping to rock that new bikini, you’ve probably started thinking about how to get rid of your winter coat.

If you thought that longer terms hair-removal solutions like IPL could only be achieved in a salon, think again. Philips Lumea Prestige IPL – SC2007 is an at-home hair-removal solution that’s long-lasting, pain-free and effective – and it can be used on your body and face.

Recently, three bh members – along with bh’s Anna – road-tested the Philips Lumea Prestige IPL – SC2007 to see whether it was worth the hype. Was it a success? Have they become IPL converts? Here’s what they thought of the results…

And if you still have questions about IPL and how it works, check out this video for all the answers.

“The whole process takes me less than 15 minutes and as the device is portable, I can do this anywhere without being attached to a power point. Oh, and the bonus is it literally does not hurt. I have waxed, epilated and shaved as well as had some IPL treatments over the years and I have found this Philips product to be pain-free, all I feel is a little warmth with every flash. After 2 treatments I was already starting to notice results. The hair started growing back patchy and less of it. Now 6 treatments in and there are some areas which I have noticed the hair not to be growing at all. There are still areas which are patchy, however I am confident with ongoing treatment that the hair will stop growing.” – bh member Ellecook

“My goodness, if you’ve got the spare change and a year-round woolly coat, get yourself to the store ASAP and get one of these bad boys. I’ve been using the Philips Lumea Prestige for several months now, religiously, every 2 weeks on a Friday afternoon. I set an alarm on my calendar to remind me so I never miss a date with my favourite friend. I’ve been using it on the following [areas]: legs, underarms, face, hairline on neck and bikini line. Even after the first session I noticed a difference.“ – bh member Beejaye

“The hair on my arms is almost completely ‘gone’, in that it grows back very slowly and is very fine. There are a few patches where I will need to go over in the future, but it has worked exceptionally well there, particularly with the hair on my fingers (below the knuckles). Overall, I am quite pleased with the device and have recommended it to friends and family. It is an investment piece, but the results are worth it in the long run. It’s relatively simple and easy to use and extremely beneficial in that it can be done in the privacy and comfort of your home.“ – MACjunkie

Have you tried IPL before? What hair-removal method do you use?

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