Myths and facts about penises


Whatever you like to call it (it sure has a lot of nicknames!), you can’t deny the penis is an interesting body part. And if you don’t own one yourself, the curiosity runs deeper. So we thought we’d indulge your intrigue and explore some common myths and impressive facts about the male organ.

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MYTH: Shoe size indicates penis size

In 2002, this assumption was laid to rest when two London-based doctors set to work measuring over 104 erect penises and found no statistically significant correlation to shoe size. However, the jury is still out on the ring finger debate.

FACT: Cigarettes can stunt the size

According to, it’s not just the elasticity of the blood vessels in your heart and lungs that can get damaged by smoking. Now, experts believe the habit can do the same thing to the blood vessels in your penis. This doesn’t mean the penis itself shrinks in size, but it can affect the time span of erections, because the blood vessels can’t stretch out to their full potential.

MYTH: Bigger is better

Numerous studies have confirmed that when it comes to length, women aren’t too fussed, nor do they believe a longer penis offers more pleasure. If anything, they prefer substantial width over length. Along with other things like personal hygiene, kissing and physical attraction, of course.

FACT: The blue whale isn’t just the largest mammal…

The species is also the proud owner of the largest animal penis, generally measuring around 2-3 metres long with a girth of 25-30 inches. Its testicles weigh between 45-70 kilograms and can ejaculate over 16 litres.

FACT: A healthy male averages 11 erections per day

You’ve probably just looked down to see if your husband/boyfriend/co-worker has one right this second, but you can relax because at least nine of them happen while asleep. After ejaculation, it can take anywhere from two minutes to two weeks to achieve another erection.

MYTH: A man can only think with his brain or penis

Although it sometimes may not seem like it, men can think perfectly fine when they have an erection. Yes, erections are indeed caused by blood flow to the penis, but they don’t steal the blood from the brain. The body has more than enough blood to support the operation of every organ during physical arousal.

FACT: Australia’s Walibri tribesmen say hello by shaking one another’s penises

And we thought not knowing whether to go in for a kiss on the cheek or a handshake was awkward…

MYTH: The penis is a muscle

Sorry boys, you can’t use weights to bulk it up. The penis is actually a collection of spongy tissues and the only thing that makes it bigger is blood flow. However, there IS such a thing as male kegels, which involves repetitive squeezing, as though you’re holding back and then releasing urine. The exercise can help with premature ejaculation and may even intensify orgasms.

FACT: Only 6 per cent of men need extra-large condoms

According to condom manufacturers, at least. That’s not to say that a larger percent of males don’t purchase them, but that’s just wishful thinking.

Did any of these penis facts surprise you? Have you heard any other myths?

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