Something fishy’s going on

Something fishy’s going on

Did you catch the news last week about the Florida Board of Cosmetology banning ‘trendy’ fish pedicures? The treatment, which is popular in Asia, has spread to some US cities and while Florida was not amongst them, salon enquiries about the legality of this fishy foot treat resulted in the Board banning them.

Hear, hear I say. Not that I’m being a sourpuss or luddite (okay, I am) but, call me insane, isn’t sporting un-filed, unkempt feet more appealing than letting nibbling fish anywhere near them? No? Well, does it make a difference when I tell you that there’s no way of disinfecting the pool of carp (called garra rufa or doctor fish) between pedi’s? No biggie, just other people’s dead skin floating by. Nice.

Wouldn’t you far rather treat your tootsies to these?

Pod Puraceuticals Liquid Pedicure – this all-in-one liquid pedi exfoliates, cleanses, moisturises, protects and nourishes the feet naturally, without a fish in sight. Instead it uses Australian Kakadu plum, mango, shea oil and piroctone olamine.

Sunbeam Therapeutics Pedicure Foot Spa – this at-home pedi centre features massage and spa settings, infrared heat, reflexology rollers and a guide to hydrotherapy.

Elite Double Sided Pedicure File – this bargain wonder (it’s priced under $5) is great for eliminating calluses and dead skin. For best results, soften the skin with hot water and pat dry beforehand.

Linden Leaves Footcare Foot Soak – this moisture-rich, skin softening soak relaxes tired tootsies, softens skin and preps feet prior to an exfoliating scrub, foot massage or pedicure.

Nui Peppermint & Pumice Foot Scrub – this certified organic wonder blends virgin coconut oil with finely ground pumice to work away dead skin, leaving you and your toes feeling revitalised.

Are you be tempted by a fish pedi? 

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