Why our teeth are worse than the Brits’

Why our teeth are worse than the Brits’

The Brits may have a reputation for being a bit lax when it comes to oral health, but a new study has revealed they’re actually more disciplined with their dental care than most Australians.

Yep, apparently our British counterparts are more likely to brush regularly, invest in power toothbrushes and visit the dentist at recommended intervals than we are.

The survey, which was commissioned by Oral-B, also found that a third of Aussies brush their teeth just once daily (if that), putting themselves at risk of cavities and gum disease – not to mention bad breath. Gross, right?!

The findings support data from a former World Health Organisation (WHO) study, which showed – in black and white – that Australia has more decayed, missing and filled teeth than nine other countries, including England.

Do you think you need to step up your dental care regime? If it’s any consolation, even I’m guilty of neglecting to brush my teeth every once in a while – and I also loathe the dentist. Even so, here are the oral care recommendations we all need to take on board:  

1.    Consider buying a power toothbrush. Only 25 per cent of Australians use one, even though they’re proven to remove up to twice as much plaque as a manual brush. 
2.    Brush for two minutes twice a day. Plus, if you’ve got time, you should also floss. 
3.    Visit the dentist at least once every six months. Currently, just one in three of us do this. It’s all about prevention, people!

To help you get your dental health back on track, Oral-B are running a two-week True Blue Challenge. You can head to the Oral-B Facebook page for more information.  

And remember: while us Aussies are known for our easygoing nature, it just doesn’t pay to be laid-back when it comes to dental care.

Are you a bit lax when it comes to dental care? What are your top tips for getting great teeth?  

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