New nails alert: OPI South Beach Collection

New nails alert: OPI South Beach Collection

Sorry I couldn’t tell you before, it’s all been very hush, hush (I’m sure you understand), but the heat waves you’ve all been experiencing have nothing to do with this climate change nonsense that Leo harps on about and everything to do with the clever clogs at OPI.

See the forward-thinking brand know that when unveiling a new nail laquer surroundings are absolutely vital (with a capital V) so they’ve kindly hotted things up for us in honour of all that is South Beach chic.

I’m sure South Australian ladies are thinking you’re too kindOPI. Really. But trust me, the new range that hits stores today is sooooo smokin’ that sweaty foreheads and bumpy heat rash will be a thing of the past. It’ll be all about Feelin’ Hot-Hot-Hot! (a fabulous flamingo pink) or Overexposed in South Beach (a vivid purple that will look picture perfect on toes as you dip them in the pool).

And with another ten polishes ranging from subtle nudes (Sand in my Suit) to bright red-orange (OPI on Collins Ave) there’s something for everyone.

Enjoy ladies!

What’s your hottest nail colour?

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