New trend: nasal waxing

New trend: nasal waxing

Already causing quite the stir in NYC and the UK, the popular treatment targets pesky, unsightly nasal hairs, supposedly making a woman feel more groomed and feminine, thus sexier.

In the US, it’s the trend to do both nostrils at once – eek! – which is enough to send me over the edge – visions of burning hot wax oozing its way down my throat seem to have filled my mind – though here in Oz, the UK option of one nostril at a time seems to be employed. Thankfully.

I say, “seems” as I’m not actually brave enough to report to you from the front line as it were. Sorry but something about the Nose Brazilian just doesn’t sit right with me…

But if it is your thing, prices start from around $10.

Would you ever have it done? Or have you?

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