New mum beauty maintenance

New mum beauty maintenance

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Becoming a mum can be as challenging as it is rewarding. But as with all challenges, there’s always a way to overcome them with the help of friends and family. And while we may not be able to come over and help put your baby to sleep or change nappies, we can offer you some sound beauty advice, to help you look and feel great (even if you’re hardly getting a minute alone). We are your beauty BFFs after all…

New mum SKIN CARE routine

Cleansers, toners, serums, boosters, moisturisers – oh my! Even the most diligent of us struggle to commit to an extensive skin care routine, let alone those who have a bub on their hip at all times. Keep it simple in the mornings (when your baby is awake) by applying a day cream with SPF. This will keep your skin hydrated and protected throughout the day. Skin care products with dual purposes are a great way to keep your skin in good condition when you’re time poor, so keep an eye out for opportunities to condense your routine with multi-taskers like exfoliating cleansers.

Night-time (once your baby is asleep) is when you can give your skin some love and care. Follow your cleansing with a serum that targets any skin issues you have (whether it be redness, dryness or pigmentation) and a night cream with retinol for keeping wrinkles at bay. Once you’re back in the swing of things, you can slowly add in any other eye creams, boosters or products you were using pre-bub, but for now simplicity is key.

New mum BODY routine

Speaking of simplicity, the new Nair Sensitive products are a must-have for mums.

When it comes to your body you can hardly be expected to find time to exfoliate, tan or moisturise from top-to-toe, but your hair removal routine can be easy to maintain with these in your bathroom arsenal:

For those who love the long-lasting results of a wax, try the Nair Sensitive Strip Free Wax with Pain Reducing Formula. What’s great about it is that you don’t need to mess about with cotton strips (which you then have to wash or buy more of for the next time) because the wax turns into a strip itself, which can then be removed in one swift motion.

Or for those who prefer to do all body-related beauty steps in the shower (it’s just so convenient – we don’t blame you), there’s the Shower Power Hair Removal Cream, which not only works while you’re in the shower, but also provides up to seven days of hair-free results. So even when your little one has you at their beck and call, you can still have that smooth skin feeling.

Both products are specifically formulated for sensitive skin too, with argan oil enriched formulas to moisturise, which is a big bonus for time poor mums!

New mum MAKE-UP routine

A sharp winged eye or bright berry lip might have been your go to pre-baby, but you’re probably going to find it hard to perfect that sharp edge with limited alone time, and that lipstick will only end up all over your baby’s head (that smell is just too irresistible).

So instead, keep your look natural and easy to do in a rush. BB cream is a saviour for many mums, as it can be applied almost blindfolded and mimics the skin tone for flawless, yet light, coverage. Choose between bronzer or blush to give your complexion some life and don’t underestimate the power of a groomed brow. Even brushing through them with a spoolie can make a big difference.  

New mum HAIR routine

Being able to wash and wear your hair is a Godsend when you’re a new mum. So if your ‘do currently needs a good blow-dry, straighten or any kind of heat tool styling to look ‘done’, it might be time for a hair overhaul. Plus it’s a lot safer to avoid hot appliances when you’ve got a baby around.

Try adding quick styling products to your routine instead, like sea salt spray or volumising powder. And of course dry shampoo, which will not only give you an extra day or two between washes, but it can also create texture in your locks.

If you do decide a complete chop is in order, don’t be scared – these celeb mums are rocking their shorter hair and you can too!


If you’re a new mum who lives in Sydney and would love to create some memories with you and your bub, you’re in luck!

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What’s your best beauty tip for new mums? Have you tried any of the Nair Sensitive products?

Have you tried any of the products mentioned?

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