New-look nails: in a single stroke

New-look nails: in a single stroke

I have always had a penchant for fresh, just-painted nails, the striking colour, the brilliant shine – love it! But for me, there’s nothing worse than the two-day-old dullness you’re almost certain to suffer if you don’t re-coat often. Yet let’s face it, after two to three days I’m usually beyond bored of that particular shade but far too lazy to remove and start fresh all over again!

Do you suffer from nail colour boredom too? If you do then you’re likely to be as blown over by this beacon of hope in a bottle as I was. The newest collection from Creative Nail Design, Colour+Effects, is ravishing and comes complete with 50 brilliant shades, from all corners of the colour wheel – there’s bound to be at least one that’ll catch your eye. But… the effects, now this really was the highlight for me.

The range comes with a sidebar of 15 ‘effects’ polishes, incorporating shades from gold shimmer to lavender pearl, that instantly change the hue of your existing polish!

I was astonished when my dark ruby hue was transformed into a shimmery inky green with just a swipe of the gold shimmer effect. With endless combinations you’re sure to feel like a kid in a candy store as you eagerly discover what effect you’ll get with each new stroke.

Play with shade combinations here

What’s your favourite nail shade for summer?

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