Clinique TV: the place to be

Clinique TV: the place to be

Clinique fans out there, have you checked out Clinique TV yet? It’s like the place to be (apart from beautyheaven of course!) to look, love and rave about all things Clinique. It has loads of random facts – I love a good fact – like, did you know that Clinique tests each and every product 12 times on 600 people and if just one person has a reaction, the product is sent back to the lab? It’s so nice to hear out the care that goes into the products you love, don’t you think?

And here’s one for the boys in your life: “during the summer, it’s better to shave in the evening rather than the morning, to avoid the irritation of sunburn on freshly shaved skin.” This is fact number seven in the Men’s fact section. Yes they have sections: Skin Concerns, Skin Care, Makeup, Men’s and Suncare. It’s like I’ve died and gone to fact heaven!

There’s also a Clinique Heritage section so you can come face-to-face with Clinique’s guiding dermatologists (who between them have enough qualifications to fill this page twice over) and learn about the brand’s history.

And, how amazing is this – you can download the Clinique Sun Buddy, a widget (some technical term that I really should know the definition of by now) that tells you today’s weather forecast, UV rating and most importantly, Clinique’s safe sun product recommendations. Checking it has become as essential as my morning coffee.

Of course there’s forums, competitions and much more so go check it out –

Just don’t forget to come back and see me though, it’ll be quiet without you.

And what’s new with you beauty wise? What products are you loving right now? Tell me all…

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