It’s all in the name

It’s all in the name

I’ve always hoped that one day I’d be immortalised in a statue or a day of the year (annual Olivia day anyone?), but since I haven’t saved any lives or solved any crimes (a beauty conundrum or two, yes, but a serious crime, eh – not so much) I don’t think we’ll see a giant bronze replica of yours truly any time soon.

Which is why I was I was beyond excited when Issada Nail Polish in shade Olivia (a rich steel grey) landed on my desk! Yay! Finally, something that reflected my love and enthusiasm for beauty, and it felt as though it was all in my honour. This bang-on-trend shade has been rocking my paws for a week now and it’s not budging from Holy Grail status anytime soon.

Bloom Polishes also come in super-slick shades like Ava, Claudia and Peaches – I guess I’m not the only beauty fiend to be immortalised in something pretty? I still feel pretty special though!

What about you – have you ever seen your name in lights?

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