How to identify your nail issues


Have you ever taken a closer look at your nails? Or is it just a constant rotation of nail polishes? (We understand – so many colours, so little time).

If you’ve been noticing they’re not as strong, healthy and shiny as they used to be (particularly if you’ve become a fan of acrylics or gel manis), it may be time to inspect them a little more thoroughly, as you may have one of the following nail issues…

Weak nails

Weak nails are a little harder to identify because if they’ve been weak for a long time, you may not know the difference. And if you regularly use acrylics or gel polishes, you may not realise until you’ve removed the treatment just how weak they’ve become.

If your nails are healthy, they will feel hard to the touch and can usually survive an accidental knock without too much damage. In comparison, weak nails are a lot softer and will break at the slightest bump, often leaving a jagged edge rather than a clean break. Another way to tell if your nails are weak is by applying slight pressure to the tip of your nail and if it bends, it could do with some strengthening.

When it comes to foods that will help you grow stronger, longer nails, Sally Hansen Nail Expert, Alison Bowhill-Hayes, says vitamin C is “essential for general nail health” – so try adding some more citrus fruits to your diet. Or if you’re after a quick solution, Sally Hansen Complete Care 7-in-1 Nail Treatment works in as little as three days to restore nail health, containing calcium to aid growth and strengthen. 

Dry nails

You can tell if your nails are lacking moisture by looking at the surrounding cuticle as well as the nail itself. “Cuticles cause dry nails” says Alison. “They become dry very easily, and this in turn creates dry nail beds.” The skin around your nails may appear cracked and rough, while the nail itself seems scratched, with little white lines over the surface – similar to when your skin is dry and becomes white and rough with dead skin. Dry nails can lead to any or all of the aforementioned issues and are best treated straight away to prevent further damage.

Alison recommends moisturising your hands on a daily basis. “It only takes a couple of seconds, so there is no excuse not to do it”, she says. “If you take care of your cuticles, your hands will look great [and] if you take [care] of your hands your cuticles will look great, [resulting in] nails [that are] strong, healthy and have less breakages.”

Splitting nails

Splitting nails is a common problem for many women, who find that once their nails reach a certain length, they begin to split.

For some it can look as though the nail has two layers, because the top layer and base have become disconnected (split), which more often than not causes chipping and breakage towards the tip of the nail – this is horizontal splitting.

Vertical splitting can appear a little differently, usually starting at the tip of the nail and heads down towards the cuticle. Vertical splitting can sometimes start off as a ridge, which then cracks. You’ll usually notice small lines becoming whiter and longer as the first sign of vertical splitting.

Ridged nails

Ridged nails appear exactly as the name suggests. Instead of your nail being smooth to the touch, it will have almost a rippled surface, as though you have little speed bumps in your nail. “I see ridges on many different nails”, says Alison. ”It can simply be due to a hereditary trait, because nail anatomy is genetic.” 

Ridges can appear horizontally but are most commonly vertical. You can determine if you have ridged nails by running your finger across your nail in both directions and if it feels rough, take a closer look. If the nail surface appears to go up and down, forming almost what seems like wrinkles on the nails – these are ridges. And similar to wrinkles, ridges do become more common as you age, but there are treatments and practices that help to reduce and prevent them. Alison recommends giving your nails a light buff every week for five to 10 minutes to maintain a smooth texture. “If [you] constantly have ridges then [you’ll] often see peeling, breakage and splitting [too]”, says Alison. “Step one is to give [your] nails some love, then step two is to maintain [them] once you’ve repaired the main concern.”

Are there any treatments that can fix these nail issues?

Despite these all being separate issues that can appear very differently on the nail, therere is one product that’s great for fixing multiple nail problems at the same time.

No matter which nail issue you may have, Sally Hansen Complete Care 7-in-1 Nail Treatment is an all-in-one nail saviour. It provides seven benefits in the one bottle; it acts as a moisturiser, strengthener, ridge filler, brightener, growth treatment, base coat and top coat.

AND it does all this, helping to restore your nails in as little as three days.

The patented formula contains avocado oil, which penetrates the nail to deliver moisture, sea salt to help reduce any yellowing for brighter nails, calcium to aid growth and strengthen, and pomegranate extract to fight bacteria and protect the nail. This winning combination helps to immediately protect and continuously nourish your nails from the moment you apply, creating the perfect foundation for your manicure.

That’s right, you don’t have to give up all your favourite nail colours while you use it (hooray!).

The formula dries quickly for a smooth, hard finish that is completely clear, so you can use it as a base coat or protective top coat with any of your favourite Sally Hansen colours. Or if you prefer natural-looking nails, it can also be worn alone to leave your nails with a healthy shine.

So whether you’re planning on giving your nails a break, want to eliminate any of the issues mentioned above, or simply want the healthiest, shiniest nails possible, Sally Hansen 7-in-1 Nail Treatment can be your go-to for all.

Do you have any of these nail issues? Have you tried Sally Hansen’s 7-in-1 Treatment?

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  1. I’ve got most of these issues tbh and I feel like your nails can really tell how healthy you are as does your skin and hair. I’ve read a lot of the times that nails are so crucial

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