The nail colours that our editors are obsessed with

The nail colours that our editors are obsessed with

When it comes to nail polish, I find that there are two types of polish wearers. The first type has one shade of nail polish that they like to wear all year round. The second type prefers to change it up depending on their mood, the weather or the latest trends. I used to be the first type and never swayed from my favourite shade (OPI Nail Lacquer in Funny Bunny). But these days, I’ve morphed into the second type of girl and like to mix it up whenever I can! Now, when I see nail colours that I like on someone’s digits, I can’t help but ask what polish they’re wearing so that I can try it out for myself.

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Since the editors at beautyheaven always have the best suggestions when it comes to beauty products, I thought I’d find out what their go-to nail colours are for the warmer months. Besides, I’m on the hunt for a new summer shade!

Read on to discover our editors favourite nail polish shades for summer.

bh’s Stephanie: The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Creme de la Creme! This is the most perfect creamy, light summer shade ever.

bh’s Deb: CND VINYLUX™ Polish in Cake Pop is my go-to summer shade. I love how it looks on my fingernails.

bh’s Kristy: I love wearing OPI Nail Lacquer in Funny Bunny during the warmer months.

bh’s Caitlin:  I can’t pick a specific shade, but I do like a very sheer, light pink – cause it looks great against tanned fingers and toes!

bh’s Marie: I would have to say that a pastel blue or bright pink are my go-to colours summer colours.

bh’s Kym: The one that comes to mind is good old fashion OPI Nail Lacquer in Cajun Shrimp. It’s a beautiful coral and one of my go-to’s.

bh’s Tina: I really love a white nail polish during the summer months and my personal favourite is OPI Nail Lacquer in Alpine Snow.

bh’s Eloise: I love going for red in Summer. I swear it makes my skin look more tan! But also, it’s just bright and fun for the festive months. My favourite is Revlon Classic Nail Enamel in Revlon Red.

bh’s Aja: My go-to summer shade is OPI Nail Lacquer in Cajun Shrimp – the orangey red hue really helps a (fake) tan to pop!

bh’s Kate: My favourite nail polish shade for summer is the OPI Nail Lacquer in You Pink Too Much glitter nail polish from the Spotlight On Glitter collection. Nothing screams CELEBRATE like a glitter nail polish and this rosy pink shade is perfect for wearing on its own or layering over my favourite classic shades, like OPI Nail Lacquer in Bubble Bath.

bh’s Millie: My favourite summer nail shade is Revlon Classic Nail Enamel in Adventurous.

bh’s Nadine: My absolute favourite summer shade is Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish in Aurant You Relaxed?.

bh’s Julia: A colour I found that is really nice for summer is the Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish in Primrose & Proper.

bh’s Rosie: Red, red, red! For me, the warmer months always call for a flaming red hue on my fingers and toes. Something about it just gets me in the mood to get outdoors and soak up the sun. I love OPI Nail Lacquer in Big Apple Red or Orly Nail Polish Lacquer in Haute Red

bh’s Sam:OPI Infinite Shine in No Tan Lines from the Fiji Collection, because it’s the ultimate warm sunrise orange or Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Tulips are Talking.

bh’s Natasha: My favourite shade for summer is the Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine Nail Polish by Rita Ora range in the shade Gowild-er-ness. It is a pastel purple and I don’t know why but it goes with everything! And it dries in 60 seconds (yay!). I can’t stand to wait longer than that.

bh’s Sophie: For summer, I like to go with a shade that’s either light or bright. I LOVE a light coloured shade, such as OPI Nail Lacquer in Funny Bunny (which looks amazing with everything you wear). Otherwise I go for a bright red like OPI Nail Lacquer in Big Apple Red.

What’s your favourite nail polish shade for summer? Have you tried any of the shades in this article?

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