6 nail art fails to make you LOL


I don’t know about you, but I consider painting my nails without getting any polish on my cuticles a miracle – let alone drawing pretty, intricate patterns on them at the same time.

I often scroll through Instagram and Pinterest to admire all the amazing nail designs, but every attempt I make ends up looking like I dipped my fingers into a paint bucket.

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If you too are less-than-talented in the nail art department, you can probably relate to these fails I (and many others) have come across.

#1 Applying tape before the polish is dry

Patience is key with nail art, and if you rush this step your polish will stick to your tape and come removal time, you’ll be left with a smudged mess.

#2 Or not using tape at all

Unless you have a steady surgeon’s hand, tape is essential for stripes and lines.

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#3 Applying your coats too thick

As most nail art designs require multiple layers and different colours, apply each coat as evenly as possible otherwise it can become pliable and easily smudged. If you’re after volume in your manicure, try using SinfulColours SinfulShine® 2-Step Manicure.

#4 Trying to do it without tools

You could be all fancy and get proper nail art tools like The Body Shop Nail Art Pen, but many household items also do the trick like toothpicks and sticky tape. Or if you already have some cuticle sticks in your nail kit (bh loves: QVS Cuticle Sticks), the point end can also double as a drawing tool.

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#5 Pure impatience

If walking behind slow people down the street grinds your gears, nail art probably isn’t for you.

#6 Not watching the entire tutorial

ALWAYS pay attention to the prep, the step-by-step AND the clean up. Missing just one of these could result in a multitude of problems.

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Have you ever had a funny nail art fail? OR if you can do nail art, what’s your best tip?

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