I Wish These Period Pyjamas Existed When I Was A Teen

period sleep shorts

I still remember the exact moment I got my first period. It was during English class at around 3pm on a Friday, right before I was meant to have a sleepover.

It’s just one of life’s cruel jokes, isn’t it? At the same time we’re learning to navigate our menstrual cycles, we’re obsessed with staying at friends’ houses.

And I tell you what, nothing struck fear back then quite like the idea of leaking through. I still remember checking my backside every time I went to the bathroom.

And even though we now have so many options when it comes to period care (menstrual cups, pads, tampons, etc) when I saw that period underwear brand Modibodi now has sleep shorts for teens, I thought: GENIUS.

If these had been around when I was that age, sleepovers would’ve been a breeze.

period sleep shorts

How period sleep shorts work

Bewildered by how period underwear works? So was I. In a nutshell, Modibodi’s apparel is lined with absorbent, leak-proof material that can be washed and re-used.

There are different options to suit different levels of flow or activity. The teen sleep shorts, for example, can hold up to 20ml of liquid, which equates to 3-4 tampons. All while keeping the wearer dry and comfortable. And aren’t they cute?! They honestly just look like regular PJs (teen me is green with envy right now).

As for cleaning, they’ve made that pretty easy too. Simply hand rinse before popping the shorts into a garment bag and adding to your regular wash.

I don’t even have kids yet and I’m about ready to add to cart. So if you’re the mum of a teen, these might just be the answer you’ve been looking for. Not to mention the sustainability benefits too!

As for the price, you’re looking at $35 a pair. Not bad when you consider they can last up to two years. I might just nab a pair for myself…

Have you ever tried period underwear? Do you have a teen in your life who could use these?

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  1. I have purchased the modi bodi underwear and the bonds ones for myself, will be definitely getting that and whatever else is available for my daughter when she’s a teen still a little while away for her. I remember there was nothing worse for me in high school constantly checking the back of my summer uniform.

      • Best thing ever for periods. Got few times to get used to placing it correctly, then never had issues since. Do not feel anything in there and can swim, do yoga, sleep without any worries (and share bed hehe) and stay clean with clean undies all the time. Best part….you feel as if there is nothing there. So have to set myself to empty the cup in time and not leave it in too long! Washes so well, leaves no scent, does not stain in years I’ve used it. Still as new!

      • There’s a thread on the forum, but I got an error message when I tried to post the link here. It’s called “menstrual cups”, created by @swoopingbuzzards. But it’s one of the threads that hasn’t had all the old comments restored yet.

    • There is a US brand called RubyLove that has some amazing lines and their underwear is very sturdy. I’m about to place an order for some new designs. I know they aren’t Australian but you can’t beat their quality or price point!

  2. I discovered menstrual cups just a few years before I hit menopause & I thought they were great! It’s fantastic that there are so many more options available to young women now – which are also better for the environment.

  3. Wow I am amazed by the period pajamas. How good is it. I would have been very happy to have had a couple of these and they last for 2 years and hold a fair amount. What a great idea.

  4. Period underwear and menstrual cups were life changing for me. I remember buying a few pairs of Modibodi a few years ago and they weren’t well made. Hopefully, they’ve improved QC in that time.

  5. I have one pair of period undies and a menstrual cup. If I did not have a menstrual cup I would of bought more period undies but they are an expensive investment but worth it and pays off over time.

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