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Manicare Ergonomic 4-Way Buffer


20 members aged between 16-40 who like to buff their nails either before applying polish or to maintain natural, glossy nails. Triallers were instructed to use the buffer on polish-free nails, starting with the side labelled with a ‘1’ to smooth out ridges using gentle, side-to-side strokes, followed by side ‘2’ to buff and create a satin finish. They were then told to repeat the process with sides ‘3’ and ‘4’ for a shinier finish.

Star rating during this trial*: 


100% of members will continue to use this product

93% of members say $8.95 RRP is a good price point that they would pay

100% of members would recommend this product to friends

86% of members would buy this product

85% of members rated the product an 8 or higher out of 10 (with 10 being the most satisfied)

beautyheaven says:

The Manicare Ergonomic 4-Way Buffer is a uniquely designed nail buffer that follows the natural curve of the nail to work on ridges and irregularities for a smooth, shiny finish.

Triallers were sceptical of how differently this buffer was shaped, but were pleased to find the design made buffing their nails quicker and easier. The majority mentioned how much easier it was to reach the corners of their nails and how comfortable it felt in their hand.

Some members did point out that they would like the rough sides of the buffer to be a bit courser in order to smooth out those deeper ridges, but overall, members were pleased with the results. A stand-out for most was the shiny finish, which made members’ nails look beautiful and healthy.

You say:

“Despite my initial thoughts on the shape and design, the buffer was comfortable in my hand, and actually quicker and easier to use compared to my regular one. The shine was gorgeous and lasted several days.” – Jess R

“My nails have a tendency to split, but I found this product left my nails with a very shiny, healthy look and I buffed my nails in half the time than usual.” – Lady of Crow

“The end result was lovely. My nails looked strong and healthy and felt amazing. I followed up by applying a base coat, nail polish and top coat and my nails look fantastic. I definitely think it has improved my DIY manicure and the polish has lasted a lot longer on my nail bed. Buffing will now be a regular part of my routine!” – lardeedah
“This design performs better than others since the curved edge of the buffer can be turned from side to side and it easily fits into the sides of the nails. It gives such a smooth finish. It doesn’t compare to other buffers and provides the most mirror-reflective shine!” – rose-petals

“It took me a few tries to get used to the shape, but now I get full, even coverage when buffing my nails and they actually look shinier than any four-way buffer I’ve used before!” – gracious
“The shape of the buffer allowed more precise movement and made it effortless to achieve glossy nails. My nails felt as smooth as they looked, and it created a great base for me to then apply polish.” – Chantel Larissa

*Rating refers to the 20 members included in this trial and is correct as of May 22, 2015.

**Based on a survey of 20 beautyheaven trial team members

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