How to look (and feel) good naked in 7 days


We all have our beauty insecurities – in fact, some of us would probably prefer to walk over hot coals than strip down and bare all. But although you may not look exactlylike Miranda Kerr sans clothes, there’s nothing more empowering than getting (and feeling great) nude. Be it on your own or in the presence of a special someone, embracing your bod in all its natural glory is a beautiful thing – so let’s get started on a 7-day journey to look and feel great naked…

Day 1: Work out  

Realistically, you won’t be able to change your body shape in just a week, but feeling great naked isn’t just about how you look. You’ll exude sexiness if you’re feeling fresh and energetic as opposed to sluggish – and the best way to get there is by exercising. bh’s Luke’s 5-minute workout routine is perfect for a quick energy boost (and you don’t have to do it at the beach)! See below for his step-by-step demonstration:


Day 2: De-fuzz

Many of us (myself included) get a kick out of having prickly legs and underarms in the cooler months, but if you’re going to get naked, rocking a hair-free bod feels pretty good. Waxing’s the best option if you want to get hairless ahead of schedule (hot tip: read our How-To: Master the DIY Wax before you begin). Waxaway Waxing Essentials has everything you need for professional at-home hair removal – it even includes a Bump eRaiser Medi Paste sachet, which will come in handy if you get any ingrown hairs before your big debutut.

Day 3: Smooth and tone

In addition to working out, you can also tighten your ‘wobbly bits’ (as Bridget Jones so perfectly put it) by adjusting your skin care regime. First, exfoliate your skin using a bristle brush such as Manicare Cellulite Bristle Blush (the nodules are designed to massage your muscles and reduce the appearance of cellulite). Follow up with a cream specifically formulated to smooth skin. We like BioElixia® BodyShaper Cellulite Contour Crème™, which helps to diminish bumps, dimples, and bulges (all thanks to some hardworking ingredients, including caffeine).

Day 4: Build your confidence

One of the biggest barriers to feeling good in your body is low self-confidence. To combat this, it’s essential to stop comparing yourself to others. Then, hone in on your best features (such as your thick hair, perfectly straight teeth, or super-soft skin). Positive affirmations are also great for making you feel amazing inside and out (even the aforementioned Miranda Kerr uses them). Finally, try not to focus on any of your body flaws. They’re beautiful (and everyone’s got them, including model Chrissy Teigan).

Day 5: Prep your skin

Nothing makes a girl feel more confident in her own skin than a golden glow, but before you get your tan on, you’ll need to up the moisture factor. A fast-absorbing body lotion should do the trick – I recommend JERGENS BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream Medium to Deep or my personal favourite, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion with Vitamin E (because who can resist a bare bod that smells like chocolate?). Now your skin’s irresistibly soft, you can apply fake tan (I rate Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam Light/Medium). See bh’s Sam’s video how-to for how to nail it:


Day 6: Beat the bloat

The night before your big reveal, prepare a delicious yet tummy-friendly meal. Sodium is one of the major causes of bloating as it causes your body to retain water, so keep the salt to a minimum. It’s also best to avoid gaseous food and drinks, such as beans, lentils and cabbage as well as carbonated drinks. After your meal, wind down with some peppermint and/or ginger tea (both of which can help give you a flatter stomach), like the Aveda 100% Certified Organic Comforting Tea or Be genki Be vital Herbal Tea).

Day 7: Set the mood

When all else fails, some clever mood lighting is bound to make you feel a bit more comfortable in the nude, as well as create a sense of a warm, safe environment. Try lighting some candles around the house or bedroom (In Essence Thai Temple Aromatic Candle has a deliciously alluring aroma). Not only will they give your bod a gorgeous glow, they can also be easily blown out out if the mood calls for it! 

Do you enjoy being naked? What are your top tips for building body confidence?

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