Le Tan Ultra Dark Self Tanning Foam

Le Tan Ultra Dark Self Tanning Foam



Ten females aged between 18 and 24 with any skin type who want a dark tan result.



of members found the Le Tan Ultra Dark Self Tanning Foam easy to apply


of members think the Le Tan Ultra Dark Self Tanning Foam ($19.99) is good value for money


of members liked the scent of the Le Tan Ultra Dark Self Tanning Foam


of members said the Le Tan Ultra Dark Self Tanning Foam faded evenly

beautyheaven says…

, The Le Tan Ultra Dark Self Tanning Foam is a self-tanning foam with a concentrated formula, intense colourants and tan activators. It has a green-based formula that leaves a natural and dark result. The majority of testers were pleased with the no-streak, even, and golden brown results that this tanning foam gave them. Many members were impressed with the natural-looking results and that it didn’t leave their skin feeling sticky during the developing time. They were also happy with the affordable price point of the product and the new and improved sleek, stylish packaging. *Based on a survey of 10 beautyheaven Trial Team members. The products for this Trial Team have been provided by Le Tan for the purpose of trial and review. All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the beautyheaven members participating in this trial. ReviewStartsHere [Review: New go to for tanning!] [Quote: I really love that you can wash after just one hour and that the tan will continue to develop afterwards – so handy if you are short on time. After showering, I was really impressed with the result. It was dark and even, with no streaking or patchiness.] ReviewEndsHere , ReviewStartsHere [Review: Flawlessly Fantastic Glowing Summer Tan!] [Quote: The product itself does look extremely dark while it is on and drying but don’t panic! Once you shower, it will leave you with a beautiful, golden brown, natural tan. I have honestly never been so happy with a self-tanner and was literally recommending this self-tanner to family and friends within the first couple of uses.] ReviewEndsHere , ReviewStartsHere [Review: Loved it ] [Quote: Le Tan [is] the only brand I know of that actually came through with its promise. I applied the product with the mitt that was included (I loved the mitt, WAS SO SOFT). I loved how easy the foam was to apply! The colour was very impressive, not ‘fake’ dark but quite natural-looking. I was surprised to see some colour on my pale-white pins. My husband loved it, [and] the bottle was also quite stylish sitting on my bathroom dresser. I totally would repurchase again and again.] ReviewEndsHere , ReviewStartsHere [Review: An effortless tan at an affordable price] [Quote: After washing off the product I was left with a no-streak, perfectly even bronzed tan. Very impressed with the results. It’s also good to know if I want a bit of a darker shade next time, I can leave the formula on for a longer period of time. At $20, this product is a steal. I have always been a huge fan of [a] bronzing mousse [from another brand], but I think I now have been converted! I am also loving the rebranding – the sleek black Le Tan bottle and the gold and white writing/symbol, it looks so elegant.] ReviewEndsHere , ReviewStartsHere [Review: Perfect colour! ] [Quote: I love how it’s super fast at drying – I could get dressed within five minutes of applying and it wouldn’t leave marks or feel sticky at all. The overall lasting power of this tan is pretty good, it didn’t start to fade until the six-day mark which is pretty good compared to most tans I have tried that only really last a few days.] ReviewEndsHere

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