Kenkay Extra Relief Moisturising Cream and Sorbolene Cream with 10% Vegetable Glycerin Trial Team

Kenkay Extra Relief Moisturising Cream and Sorbolene Cream with 10% Vegetable Glycerin Trial Team


97 women with dry skin looking for intense relief and instant hydration. 

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Kenkay® Sorbolene Cream with 10% Vegetable Glycerin

Kenkay® Extra Relief Moisturising Cream 


We say:

The Kenkay® Sorbolene Cream with 10% Vegetable Glycerin is a hydrating, pH balanced formula that works to relieve dry and scaly skin. The multi-purpose, vegan-friendly formula works as both a gentle cleanser and moisturiser, suitable for most sensitive skin types.

Trial Team members were initially sceptical at the concept of a moisturiser that’s suitable for use on the body, while also being gentle enough for use as a facial cleanser. They were soon delighted to discover that not only was the sorbolene cream hydrating on limbs with stubborn dry skin but it also left often sensitive T-zones feeling thoroughly clean yet intensely moisturised, minus any lingering greasy feeling. This was a big win for those who valued efficiency in their skin care routines. 

Members who had previously experienced inflammation or dermatitis found the formula to soften dry, scaly patches, especially on areas like the elbows and knees. Majority of members appreciated the easy-to-use and hygienic build of the bottle, the only criticism being that some wished it were even bigger.

Leaving Trial Team members widely impressed, the overall feedback was that they would continue to purchase this product at the commencement of the trial, and would be recommending it highly to friends and family. 

The Kenkay® Extra Relief Moisturising Cream is best suited for dry skin conditions associated with mild eczema and dermatitis. Formulated with intensely hydrating ingredients such as glycerin, aloe vera and sunflower oil, this fragrance-free cream works to restore the skin’s barrier and ease the discomfort associated with dry skin.

If your dry skin is crying out for a hit of hydration sans irritation, Trial Team members found this cream to tick every box. Labelled a “miracle in a tube”, the fragrance and paraben-free formula allowed those with sensitive skin to tolerate daily, or sometimes twice-daily use. 

Leaving stubborn patches of eczema soft, hydrated and smooth, this nourishing cream impressed members who had previously tried similar products that sat at a far higher price range.  

Those who trialled the product found it to be suitable for the entire family, and would continue to purchase it once the trial had finished.

*Stats are based on a survey of 97 beautyheaven Trial Team members.

The products for this Trial Team have been provided by Kenkay for the purpose of trial and review.

All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the beautyheaven members participating in this trial.

You say:

Kenkay® Sorbolene Cream with 10% Vegetable Glycerin

“I never really thought sorbolene was a face cream, but I tried it anyway and I am so glad I did. All of the tightness was gone. It didnt feel like it was sitting on top of my skin like some other creams, it just melted in. It actually really works. I will be buying this in bulk now. I have seen the light..” – Mariamne,read more reviews here…

“I love this cream. It goes on smooth and males your skin feel nice and silky. I’ve used other Sorbolene creams before and this one beats it by far. I love the way my skin feels after using this. I’d love to keep on using it. ” – , read more reviews here…

“The tube size is perfect for my handbag and the cream gets absorbed really well . A little goes a long way and I used it on my cracked heels and elbows as well as my hands .
Really good at giving them back the moisture that had been lost” – , read more reviews here…

Kenkay® Extra Relief Moisturising Cream

“If you have dry skin give it a try – you will truly find that it is as effective, if not more, than the expensive moisturisers. Also – I found that after bleaching my hair, I put it around my hairline that was feeling a bit painful and it plumped up and hydrated the skin and the pain was gone.” – Mariamne, read more reviews here…

“This cream is very hydrating and I have been using it twice a day for more moisturising benefits. The best adsorption is after showering or bath time where my skin needs that extra nourishment. It absorbs into the skin very quickly and doesn’t leave any greasy or oily residue.” –, read more reviews here…

“I absolutely loved this cream. It was very hydrating and non greasy. It was easily absorbed and love that it’s Australian owned. My dry skin became softer in minutes. I’ll be definitely be using this again. Love it!” – careglioread more reviews here…

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