Road-test: We review the Jbronze tanning range


Like most beauty products, self-tan isn’t one size fits all. There are LOADS of factors to consider, like how much time you have, the depth of colour you’re after and even the body part you’re planning on tanning.

The bh team recently trialled three different Jbronze products, so you could see exactly what results they offer and figure out which one is best suited to your needs…

bh’s Sam – Jbronze Dark Tanning Mousse

Why it was chosen: “I’m no stranger to self-tan and usually opt for a ‘dark’ shade, so I chose the mousse for a deep colour result.”



The verdict:The mousse had a very visible colour guide, which is a must for me when it comes to self-tan (otherwise I miss spots!). It kind of smells like pina coladas – it must be the coconut. I left the tan on overnight (it recommends four hours, so you could shower before bed if you prefer not to sleep in it) and when I washed it off in the morning, I was left with a beautiful bronze shade that looked quite natural. It wasn’t scary-dark at all, but more of a medium-bronze shade, so even those with fair skin shouldn’t shy away from it. The colour stayed the same for two or three days and then from day four to seven, it faded evenly and naturally. I’m really lazy with moisturising, so you’d probably have even better results if you lather up on the reg!”

bh’s Astrid – Jbronze Face Flawless Tan

Why it was chosen: “My body tans really easily in the sun but I’m super conscious of protecting my face, which means I’m often left sporting multiple skin tones! So I chose the face tan to even everything out.”



The verdict:The Flawless Face Tan helped me to match my face to the rest of my body. It looked natural and blended seamlessly, and the formula wasn’t sticky. Best of all, it meant I could go make-up-free! The first time I applied it, I used the mitt, and the second just my fingers and I found the results were much of a muchness. It took a few hours to develop (it recommends four hours, but you can start to see it after one) and the results were subtle – which is probably the ideal outcome for your face. The tan is easily removed with a thorough cleanse or exfoliation.”

bh’s Beth – Jbronze Gradual Tanning Cream

Why it was chosen: “I get a bit nervous when it comes to self-tan and I want it to look as natural as possible, so the idea of gradually building up colour to a subtle glow appealed to me. I also really like that the Gradual Tanning Cream contains moisturising ingredients and oils, so I’m killing two birds with one stone: moisturising and tanning.”



The verdict: “The formula was smooth (like a body moisturiser or lotion) and applied like a dream. I showered about four hours after my first application and I was really happy with the end result: subtle, golden and not orange-y, except for some slight patchiness around my ankles/feet. It may be a gradual tanner but I think you still need to be careful with it! Personally, I was perfectly happy with the results after just one coat – two coats was slightly too dark for my skin tone, but that’s just my personal preference! If you prefer a darker shade, it would be easy to build colour. I noticed the colour fading after about four days, during which I didn’t shave or exfoliate. But once I did shave, the colour stayed even and just faded out without any streakiness.”

Have you tried any of the products in the Jbronze range? What type of self-tan do you usually opt for?

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