The flashing nail stickers that sync with your phone


Forget nail art, it’s all about nail technology.

Japanese company Takara Tomy Arts has given the humble manicure a high-tech makeover with its futuristic flashing nail stickers.

The micro-thin Lumi deco stickers feature LEDs that can connect to android-powered smartphones, causing the wearer’s fingernails to glow at the touch of a button – a mobile phone button, that is.  

They also flash when the wearer uses an electric money card, for example a train pass. The product goes on sale in Japan next week, with the company considering marketing it overseas later on.

While it’s certainly an innovation, we can’t help but be reminded of Steven Spielberg’s E.T.

What do you think of Takara Tomy Arts’ Lumi nails? Would you like to see this trend make it to Australia?

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