Waxing not so lyrical

Waxing not so lyrical

Q) “I wax my legs all the time – it’s much better for me in regards to ingrown hairs and time. The problem is, about three days after waxing I get such itchy legs! So itchy in fact that it drives me insane and I feel like I could just scratch my legs until they bleed! (Of course I don’t.)
I apply moisturiser, oils and even some ‘stop itch’ cream. I exfoliate every other day but I’m still itchy, the odd part is it’s only on the front of my legs. I have ruled out that it’s a reaction to the wax itself. Is this only happening to me?” – Emma

A) “There is a possibility that the skin on the front of the leg has become impaired in its ability to act as a barrier. ”¨ ”¨When the barrier function of the skin is impaired this can lead to more trans epidermal moisture loss, which leads to more dehydration, which in turn leads  to more damage to the barrier.”¨ ”¨The process of waxing not only removes hair but also removes the upper most layers of the stratum cornium, in other words it exfoliates the skin.

The skin on the front of the leg tends to be thinner. By removing the upper layer of cells from the skin surface in an area where the skin is already thin, one can actually end up compromising the barrier function of the skin, leading to critical moisture loss. This loss of moisture can lead to that itching feeling that you are experiencing. ”¨ ”¨The dry air, indoor heating, stockings and leggings can remove more moisture from the skin surface and exacerbate the problem further.”¨ ”¨My advice would be to reduce the number of times you are exfoliating per week and use a richer moisturiser to reseal the skin surface and prevent further moisture loss.”

– Heather Vounnou, International Senior Instructor, The International Dermal Institute

Rich moisturisers

Dove Pro.age Rich Body Cream – uses emollients, glycerin and olive oil to improve cell regeneration and condition the skin.

St. Ives Moisture Rich Day Cream – contains powerful antioxidants with skin-regenerating properties.

Springwood Rich Moisture Crème – enriched with vitamin E, it absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving a non-greasy finish.

Garnier Body Cocoon Moisture Rich Cream – instantly absorbs into the skin and does not leave a greasy after-feel.

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