Body lotion v body oil


Never underestimate the power of a good body moisturiser. It’s a key element to achieving the super-smooth pins, baby-soft skin and youth-defying décolletage every woman desires.

But when it comes to the product that’s going to help you on your way to such glorious skin, is it better to use a body lotion or body oil? Is one necessarily better than the other? Or does it depend on your skin type?

Well the facts are here and now it’s up to you to decide which is right for you…



-Body oils contain essential oils that can not only improve the physical condition of the skin, but can also have a therapeutic effect on the mind and spirit.

-Despite what you may think, body oils do not make your skin greasy, instead they are designed to absorb quickly into the skin with no residue.

-Body oils are non-comedogenic, meaning they have a very low risk of clogging pores.

-Oils are particularly effective on dry skin as they protect the lipid barrier to prevent moisture from evaporating, leaving the skin hydrated for long periods of time.

-Some oils have the added benefit of treating stretchmarks and scars and targeting skin conditions like rosacea and pigmentation.

-Some body oils can also be used in hair to repair split ends, prevent frizz and add shine.

Keep in mind…

Oils are a lot runnier than lotions, so be careful when dispensing the product. The easiest way to apply body oil is to pour it into your hands and rub them together before applying to the rest of your body.

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1. St. Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil (yep, it not only moisturises but gives the skin some healthy colour, too!)

2. Neutrogena Body Oil

3. NUXE Huile Prodigieuse



-Body lotions can contain many beneficial ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter and vitamins E and D. These ingredients not only hydrate, but also have the ability to repair skin damage.

-Body lotions can be suited to a multitude of skin types, depending on what ingredients are included.

-Thanks to the thicker texture of body lotion, it can easily be applied straight to the skin.

-While body oil is restricted to scents depending on which essential oils are included, body lotions are available in a multitude of fragrances.

Keep in mind…

While lotions do penetrate the skin, it can take them a while to do so and you may need to wait a few minutes before getting dressed. Depending how dry your skin is, you may need to moisturise both day and night to receive the full benefits of the lotion.

bh loves

1. DermaVeen Everyday Moisturising Lotion

2. Shanga Body Custard

3. philosophy amazing grace firming body emulsion

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