An inspiring fitness blogger has gotten real about cellulite


One woman’s body-positive cellulite photo is going viral on Instagram. Fitness Instagrammer Tesia Kline (@tk_line09) shared a side-by-side image to her 95,000 followers last week as an important reminder of how lighting and angles can alter what we see in our social media feeds.

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The image on the left shows Tesia in a light where you can’t see any cellulite on her thighs with the text ‘My legs’ over the top. The photo on the right shows Tesia’s legs in a way where you can see cellulite, captioned with ‘Also my legs’.

Image via @tk_line09 

“Sometimes your “body goals” may not always be what they appear to be (especially on IG). Thank you, angles and lighting for helping me see that I’m still … FLAWESOME from every point of view!! And so are YOU. Happy Hump Day, my loves,” Tesia commented alongside the images. (Is ‘flawesome’ anyone else’s favourite new word?!)

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, Tesia explained that she didn’t intentionally take the photo on the right to show off her cellulite, but decided to upload it to make a point. “I wanted to share it because I feel like there are millions of women out there who are so insecure about something that is so normal,” she said. “They try to ‘cure’ [cellulite] like it’s some kind of disorder.”

Tesia also opened up about her own struggles with body image. “I was never satisfied with my body no matter how lean I got,” she told Cosmopolitan. “I finally realised that my self-worth is not based on what I looked like. You don’t have to be lean and shredded to be happy or healthy. Life is way too short to worry about something so meaningless as cellulite or the negative opinions of others. It’s up to us to just accept ourselves, enjoy, and live our lives to the fullest.”

We love it, Tesia!

What do you think of Tesia’s Instagram post on cellulite? Do you like when influencers spread messages like this?

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